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Melbourne, Highway 31, Tuesday Night Meet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nina, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Today wasn't the first time that on my way home I cycled past a bunch of bikes parked in front of Highway 31 up on Sydney Rd (just across the Harley City), around 8:30ish. Maybe 20 bikes outside the door, of mixed type maybe mainly cruisers with hardly any sports bikes (I think - I flew past them on my pushie *cough*), inside it seemed to be full of people wearing bikes clothes.
    Does anyone know who they are? Is it a club meeting? I'm curious because that's just around the corner from my place.

    Of course I don't dare to simply walk in and chat to the blokes :shy: especially not while I'm not even in bike gear myself :eek:
  2. Ride past with Heidi next week and go ask. ;)

    (Provided no-one here knows who they are.)
  3. I'm too chicken by myself :(

    Not even sure whether it's weekly or just monthly. I often go home earlier when they're not there yet.
  4. Mind your own business :)

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  5. Two of us were riding near that location on the way to meet up with a 3rd rider for a great (northern) day of blissful riding.
    Can't say we spotted this, though we did see many a bike out yesterday (motorcycle and otherwise).
    Sounds like keeping away proved a good idea ?
  6. Hwy 31 has some sort of tie-in with Harley City, and markets itself to the Harley market in particular. There's nearly always cruisers parked out front.
  7. It is the weekly meeting of Certified Practicing Accountants by the sounds of it.
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  8. If the bikes are parked at 8,30pm then they are probably CPAs, if they were CAs they would still be out riding.
  9. Its probably a Christmas do,you should have gone in, they like cyclists with tight clothes around their genitals.
    Yeah mind your own business.