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Melbourne has bogans ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. :LOL:

    I thought there's border control at Mogo !

    Seriously though, I reckon the street buskers in Melb adds to the festive culture of the place. I think the powers at be in Melbourne are trying to be Sydneysiders ! :eek: . . . .
  2. thats only his humble opinion. he should learn to be a bit more humble about it.

    in relation to music, australia is culturally a backwoods country, hence why many of the greatest musicians in the world simply dont bother with touring here.

    if hes so concerned about talent, the better way to go about it is for venues to support musicians a little more, instead of forcing everyone out onto the streets. i feel we are seen as a novelty at best.

    so many people have never seen a live band, i think it would do a lot of good to bring some more music to the streets. gigs at venues help to raise the talent level as it promotes competition.

    as for licensing and regulation, mr doyle can suck a fat one, seriously.
  3. Is he saying that buskers are bogans, or just that 'bad' buskers are bogans? Or that buskers attract bogans, like the pied piper attracts rats?
  4. Bogan Pride FTW :cool:
  5. There are some seriously sh*t buskers around the CBD (along with the good ones). Sometimes they rely on pity to get a donation, sometimes intimidation. Either way, I wouldn't mind if they made way for real musicians and entertainers.
    As for bogans... well, the way it is right now I wouldn't be too keen on bringing my kids into town in the evening. Don't know how you get rid of the thugs and scum, though. Maybe it's just not the place for families anyway.
    And cars in Swanston street is just a stupid idea.
  6. Actually I'm not worried about the CBD - you should be more worried about what's happening closer to home Titus.

    I'm neither Indian not Asian but this is happening way too close to home for my liking...

    From the Moreland Leader recently.

    YOUNG Indian and other Asian men continue to be targeted in late-night armed robberies across Moreland.

    At least five men were attacked last week, prompting fears that racially-motivated attacks have flared up again after “saturation-style†police operations in May to crack down on the robberies.

    More than 12 teenagers were arrested and charged over attacks around railway stations in Moreland and Hume following an operation by the Region 3 robbery task force earlier this year.

    Fawkner Sen-Sgt Phil Pearson said details about the offenders were sketchy because most victims had been grabbed from behind before being threatened and robbed.

    “Every single armed robbery in Moreland last week involved young Indian males; they really need to be cautious when they’re out at night,†he said.

    “We’re finding it’s mainly kids and young teenagers who are the offenders.

    “Armed robbery is becoming the new shoplifting for them, and that’s a worrying trend.â€

    Two young Indian men were put in “sleeper holds†after being grabbed from behind and their wallets stolen in Victoria St near Frith St, Brunswick, on Sunday, November 16, at 8.45pm.

    On the following night, a 26-year-old man was threatened and robbed by six men near the corner of Crook and Albion streets in Brunswick at 9.20pm.

    That same night at 10pm in Trevannion St, Glenroy, a 24-year-old Indian man was surrounded by four men holding planks of wood, who attacked the victim and demanded his ATM and pin number.

    The offenders were described as aged between 19 and 21, and of Middle Eastern appearance.

    Police are also looking for three men who held up a 19-year-old Asian man in Hope St, Brunswick, on Tuesday, October 28, at 11.30pm.

    All within a few minutes walk of my place... :shock:
  7. Doyle is an ex School Teacher, and an unsuccessful Liberal Politician. A no-hoper of the highest order.
  8. How much has this to do with tight arse nightclub and pub owners who find it heaps cheaper to hire in a DJ, some kid with a laptop full of MP3s and a flashing light or two to "entertain" the crowds?

    Also, it seems that the "clubbers" are more interested in music as a background to their drug and grope activities than they are in actually listening to a live band.
  9. It has nothing to do with what Doyle said.
  10. Where and what's the cover charge Martin :LOL:
  11. You are right Micky, the last Bogan in Melbourne was me at Port Melb 2 weeks ago, and before that it was the 07 GP.
    All these other characters are are wannabes!
  12. +1 Matti.
    These other buggers don't know what they are missing with their metro crap.
  13. You came to Melb, and didn't call me. You ignorant bogan flanellete Baffurst oaff. May you drown in Bundy.
  14. I know, I know, I was there for a 3 hr bigwig meeting. Flew out straight after. I'm just a regular jetsetter, aren't I?
  15. Are you a "Business Class Bogan"

    Do you read "Bogue" Magazine, in your comfy Aircraft Seat?

    We Wanna Know.
  16. lol - the last time i was at the espy i saw more people on drugs than i have at a rave. i think its just kids these day?
  17. I try hard to keep my Bogan going, Rog. But sometimes I just feel like a fauxgan.
  18. [​IMG]

    eh you bloody bogon, look what you missed out a couple of weeks ago in

    That Robert Doyle guy, I know him, used to teach one of the sons.......
  19. [​IMG]

    es, am an old espy girl, but this was the best, the last night in my factory before I gave up work and retired. it was like the good old days at storey hall and places like that.
  20. That is one tiny picture :LOL: what exactly are we looking at? A pile of boxes in a factory? It's a little hard to tell :p