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Melbourne - Hanging Rock

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RustyO, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Planning on going for a ride from the CBD up to Hanging Rock at some point, but a quick look a the map seems the Calder is the quick way...

    Any recommendations on which way to head up there?

  2. Go over the Top of Mt Macedon but be careful going down the far side.
  3. do you want the quick way or the tricky way? the quick way is the calder. I got there often to the cobaw state forest (good single track)

    the fun way. over mount macedon like pv said. but really the riding is pretty average out that way compared to the north east and east
  4. Good directions, but I like to turn off at the north end of Tullamarine Airport, along Oaklands Road, then up through Oaklands Junction and on to Konagaderra Road all the way through to the Lancefield Road. Turn into Riddells Creek via Sutherlands Road, Up Amess Road to Main Road and then pick up the Mt Macedon directions. Alternatively there is a nice ride to the east of Macedon, up through Kerry, but a little less 'challenging' than the Macedon twisties.
  5. Thank you :D
  6. Be sure to have a picnic there.
  7. The fun way :)

    Not overly heading out there for/expecting an awesome ride, just going to go there.
  8. Sadly enough, that's the plan.
  9. Be very careful; strange things have been known to happen there.
  10. I was out there last weekend. It's not the spurs but it's not crawling with camo cops either.

    +1 Wildwood road, but take care over the single lane wooden bridge.
    coming down Mt Macedon on the north side, take good notice of the two 10kmh advisory signs on LH hairpins, especially the second one. Don't overshoot the RH turnoff onto Straws road, either.

    If you've got time on the way home, maybe try Newham - Cobaw - Lancefield (Goldie - Glenaroua - Broadford if you've got all day).
  11. stuff the picnic, go to holgates for lunch, just remember, the whole beer tasting tray will more than likely put you over the legal limit.
  12. I say,

    "Bring back hanging"

    "Abolish underpants!"

    Who's with me?
  13. I live 2km's from the rock and have so for nearly 20 years. Granted I've only been riding for two but I'll tell you this: All the roads in the area are pretty shit all in all compared to most I've been on.

    If you MUST go to the rock, come up via wild wood as linked above but swing through clarkefield instead of scumbury (sunbury), across to riddle, over the mount and to the rock. Yes, a few tricky hair pins look out for two in total on the decent on the northern side of the mount (mount macedon).

    TMU are in the area too - I know. Gisborne and Macedon TMU both have their resident c^&*s - gissy in an unmarked, macedon in a marked unit. Clarkefield also have one that roams (from sunbury I believe) in busy periods but he is far and few between. He gets around in a black Subaru liberty 4WD wagon thing.

    Food; woodend bakery if you want a bakery, holgates in woodend if you want a pub lunch, hanging rock cafe if you want a cafe/restaurant lunch. If your travelling at dusk, watch the skippy's around the rock - they fight back.
  14. Or if you come through Riddells Creek, let me know and I'll put the coffee machine on ;)

    Hanging Rock has some WIP on the footpath up to the top of the rock, my old company lifted building materials in by helicopter a fortnight ago to upgrade the footpath. Just in case you plan on walking up to the top.
  15. I can imagine that is part of the plan... any more info on that? Is it not accessible?
  16. Print screen, paste into paint/etc print it.
  17. Thanks I had already exactly done that. I think I'll zoom on on the route and put it on google map directions and see what I come up with.
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