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Melbourne & Great Ocean Rd..... tips?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PlayerOne, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    im gonna be flying down to Melb for the Easter long weekend with my GF, and had a few questions for you Melbournians:

    Whats there to do on Good Friday in Melb? is everything gonna be closed?

    Planning to do the Great Ocean Rd. on the Sunday..... how long does it take? can i get to the 12 apostles and back to Melb in the one day? (ive hired a convertible for the day! 8) )

    Anyone recommend any good clubs near the CBD for the Saturday nite? we're into RnB, hip hop kinda scene but willing to check out any place thats happening!! :D
  2. You can do the 12 Apostles and back in a day, no sweat.
  3. Although being Easter Sunday, I'd leave early and allow time for a very busy GOR. It will take you about 4hrs from melb to the Apostles.
  4. For RnB/Hip Hop....on a Fri, try Playground Fridays @ Seven (Albert Rd/St?...just off St Kilda rd)...

    Next Blue (side of the Crown Casino) is good on Fridays and Saturdays...altho I think Saturdays is more Asian nite...

    Groovalicious @ Evolution is good for Sat...in Prahran (near Chapel St...on Commercial Rd, I think)...

    if you're still looking to party on Sunday, don't forget Mothership @ Mercury Lounge in the Crown Casino
  5. ooooooh yeah :LOL: GOR will be very busy that weekend, tho still nothing on middle of summer school holidays. make sure said convertable has a decent stereo cos you'll be driving at 15kph from aireys inlet to apollo bay, overtaking in a car isn't worth the effort :wink: i reckon you'll still be able to do it in a day and the way will be a LOT clearer past apollo, like mouth said, just leave plenty early and dont expect to be back before nightfall.....

    basic shops and stuff would be closed i guess but the night scene wouldn't miss out on a few primo days so dont stress about that
  6. wow, thanks for the quick response everyone.....

    i was looking at the map of the GOR, and wondering if it would be better to drive the GOR to the 12 apostles then back to Melb on the GOR or is it better to take the Princes Hwy? :?

    (Prob a silly question - but ive never been there and only going from a dogey map! :? )
  7. Go down GOR first, as it's more scenic. Then after 12
    Apostles you can decide if you want another look, or to get back quick via Princes.
    The roads inland from Apollo Bay and Lorne are great bike roads (better than GOR) but as they go through forest, scenery is limited.
    Also: expect roadwork on GOR.
  8. probably better to shoot down the highway through colac, gellibrand etc to the apostles early and come back on the gor. the afternoons arent usually as bad as the mornings.
  9. I'm with Raffiki on this one - take the inland highway to save time, then come back along the GOR. Loch Ard, 12 Apostles, Cape Otway, Maits Rest, Apollo Bay, Lorne - all worth a visit.
  10. It's Easter weekend, but GOR is one of the tourist attractions, so restaurant or cafe around there should still open for great business time.

    In Melbourne, mostly only some independent shops could close. Entertainment such as shopping centre, casino, shops in Crown complex .... they still remain open.

    Restaurants, lot of them still open, even most of them are close, sure Asian especially Chinese shops, restaurants they will open for sure!
  11. The tip?
    Well make sure you are past Aireys inlet by 9am otherwise itll be a slow boring crawl.
    Also, spend the day down there and dont rush back, come back on the GOR is all good just leave late, if you dont wanna cop the traffic just leave Apollo on dusk.
    Good luck, look out for me, ill be overtakin u past lorne!
  12. Went down to Apollo bay last Monday (labour day Vic).
    pretty good trip from Melbourne to Apollo Bay, very few hold ups (arrived at Apollo bay at about 1pm). Don't stop at Lorne, way to busy, Apollo Bay, is better.
    Headed back at about 4.30. Cut inland at Skenes creek (across the Otways). Brilliant road, great twisties (pity I was in the car though). BEWARE of a long straight section after about 30 minutes on this road - revenue collector

    BIG piece of advice, avoid travelling back through Geelong on a long weekend, very busy even on the back roads
  13. thanks for the advice guys! :)

    The plan is: to pick-up the car at 8:00am sunday, then head to Werribee, Geelong then do the GOR, break at apollo bay then to 12 apostles... then back to apollo bay and depending on time either back on the GOR or cut back to princess hwy??

    how does that sound? mind you, im my GF doesnt drive so im gonna be buggered come sun nite!! 8) (BTW: im driving an Astra convert, wanted a Z4 but hertz had none left! :cry: )

    anything interesting to see in Geelong?
  14. Fark no! Lock the doors, and drive through very quickly. Do not look left or right at any locals, don't even look ahead at their eye's through their rear vision mirror. They don't even stop for red traffic lights at night in that place.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Only joking :) Geelong is fine, we just treat them like Tasmanian's sometimes :) Nothing really special in geelong, keep moving to the real enjoyment of GOR.