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Melbourne Grand Prix....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. We (grange & Tweets) are off to the Grand Prix this week....:dance:

    ...looking forward to a few days over the boarder...and all things Formula One!..:woot:

    ... Just sayin'.....:)
  2. well shock horror, yesterday was sunny and 30, today warm and 31, reckon you can cope with the weather, hang on, gonna get wet for a couple of days [just to make our sydney visitors feel at home :) ]

    hope you have a blast while youre here :)
  3. Yep looking at the forecast it is scheduled to go back to 27 and sunny on Monday after they have left. ;)
  4. Lol..... Ah well, plenty of "stuff" to see in between racing while we are there! The zoo is fab, and we need to re-visit the Penguins at Philip Island( sooooo cute :p )....and I tried leaving grange at the gaol last year, but they wouldn't have him!!....:D
  5. you hiring a bike and doing the GOR as well?
  6. .....will be via the GOR.... But not on the bikes.....:facepalm:
  7. well then hope it's a convertible :) Pt Addis is the nudie beach [so I hear] just after Torquay as you head towards Apollo Bay / Lorne
    Will you be taking the bypass road 'around' Geelong or taking your time to get to GOR?
  8. And how does the boarder feel about this?
    Does he get a rent reduction?
  9. Hi,

    Is there motorcycle parking anywhere near the gates for the F1? Want to work out if it is worth going in on the bike.

  10. ........ Shhhhhhhhh!!.... Don't tell grange!....:rofl:
  11. seeing as you can park on footpaths along st kilda rd, reckon you'd only be walking a short distance anyway..
  12. Agree with this. The residents on Middle park and South Melbourne sides get stroppy about anyone invading their space but St Kilda Rd has plenty of room. Beware of drunk idiots though.
  13. The weather should make the race worth watching. Does anyone know a stream for the bbc telecast?
  14. The BBC TV aren't covering it live this year (****s sold out to Murdoch), BBC Radio 5 will carry audio. Or Sky Sports (Foxtel) for the TV feed.
  15. That's gay, does anyone know of a stream from anything except the One telecast.
  16. You could see if you can find the Sky Sports one...

    Brundell went there courthold stayed a BBC.
  17. A certain mr Hamilton esq. [​IMG]

    I'm having real trouble telling the Red Bulls Torro Rossos.
  18. Anyone got any suggestions on where to park the bike on the South Melbourne/City side? Clarendon St? Want the bike to be tucked away cos I'm worried about drunken idiots pushing it over. ANyone got any secret spots they want to share?
  19. ...... Yyyyyyyeeeeessssssss!!.... Jensen Button wins.... In perfect weather too !!...=D>

    ... Crusty Demons weren't too bad either... :wink:
  20. it was a great day, i got a spot right on the fence at the crustys ;)