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Melbourne from the Eureka tower in the evening.

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by smee, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Apparently the picture limit is 5 not 3 so here goes.
    Last friday evening on the 88th floor of the Eureka tower approximately from 5.15 till 6.15 perfect for evening twilight shots.
    Harsh colour tint is due to the tint of the windows from the Tower these pictures were taken from.
    I found the reflective nature of the windows a real problem as was the tint, but meh I'm happy considering there was no tripod used.

    iso 3200 4 photo pano


    another 3 picture pano

    2 more panos

  2. cool. that third one is killer. What is the time progression of the shots?
  3. Those shots are awesome. Can you share the camera specs and setting used please.
  4. ask for the EXIF :)
  5. have you tried HDR? if not, study it

    u would of got some ripper shots with HDR
  6. Those are brilliant Smee! I'd like the EXIF info too if you don't mind.

    What were you steadying the camera on if you weren't using a tripod? Theres no way I would have been steady enough to get perfect light trails like in shot 3!! :-O
  7. They look just like the intro shots for some movies, and TV shows!!!
  8. They're actually really good, far better than I'd usually expect given they were taken through a glass window..

    As a matter of interest, have you done any post processing?

    I ask because you mention the tint, but most of them are actually, technically, about right. The exposure is slightly off, but the white balance is not too shabby if it's just come straight from the camera.
  9. There was a deal of post processing, yes exposure is off on one or 2 but that may depend on your screen as well.
    I shot these in Raw format, no tripod all handheld against the glass window no hdr as you need a tripod to make sure one shot overlaps the other in terms of alignment.
    I used my jacket as a shield against internal reflections as that was the worst issue of all many of my shots were ruined due to reflections in the window, particularly when it was still daylight.
    Outside was a problem as well as the netting used to prevent jumpers etc was meshed too closely together so that zooms were a bugger to use.
    All these shots were taken with a Flektogon 35mm prime manual focus lens.
    Exposure was approximately 1/2 to 1 sec in length depending on how steady I was able to keep the camera.
  10. I usually get to see the Eureka from the other side ;) I've got another couple of flights this afternoon & evening, should be nice conditions :)

  11. NICE
    I want to do that one time!!!!!
  12. Being in the Telco industry I get to go up on the roof of the big skyscrapers occasionally where there's no window or mesh between you and the rest of the world.

    Great view but a bit interesting on a windy day.
  13. Can you be at Moorabbin by 3pm?
  14. Thanks for the info....

    Good results anyway...

    Oh, and I wouldn't comment on colour if I wasn't using a reasonably calibrated screen and a browser that supports profiles (establishing a colour space calibration system with Kodak makes you a bit finicky)...

  15. You going flying Heli ?
    I've had my 'fix' for a few days - just arrived this morning from Hong Kong. Had my camera ready but a quick runway change from RWY 34 onto 27 took care of any spare seconds to 'point and shoot'.
    Beautiful day for flying, that's for sure !
    (oh, and riding !)
  16. Just about to commit aviation, photography job over the city late PM/last light stuff.

    Would help if I wasn't dosed on antibiotics for bronchitis :(
  17. Heli,
    Mate, you weren't in the red Robinson chopper by any chance, were you ? I was looking up to the skies several times, watching this chopper doing orbits of the city, imagining - "There is at least one Netrider up there, right now....and I'm envious!" :)

    Hope you had fun - a glorious day to 'commit aviation' (y)
  18. I was referring to exposure not colour
  19. The Red Robbo is the traffic helicopter: I used to operate that for 10 years, but I was flying a silver Squirrel. Rejigging photos now, Smee missed out on a beautiful night: plus the AAMI Stadium was playing with the new lighting system, which was awesome!
  20. smee, this is what you missed ;) (please move to a separate thread if you think this hijacks your thread title?)




    But the best was when the AAMI Stadium started the trials of their lights! The photographer (John Gollings) let me have some of his shots (the best Nikon and lens combo going, just awesome stuff in the dark), here are a couple that you won't see elsewhere for a while. Sneak preview ;)




    I have more: if you want!