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Melbourne fog {congrats on posting in the wrong section}

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twistngo, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Is the fog down everywhere or just the eastern suburbs.

  2. Re: Melbourne fog

    Down in pakenham area too.
  3. Re: Melbourne fog

    Clear and sunny in the outer west.
  4. Re: Melbourne fog

    No fog on the western surburbs.
  5. Re: Melbourne fog

    It's very foggy in Red Hill. (Mornington Peninsula)
  6. Moved to the pub, remember riders den is about riding and bikes not about where the fog is without motorcycling content.
  7. riders den is gay anyway.

    outer east, was waiting for it to clear. but it's getting thicker. very strange, eerie
  8. looking for somewhere to ride. bloody numpty
  9. lol... i wouldnt say its gay- totally... but imo i think the name changes are a bit clumsy, plus people seem to have enough trouble posting in the right sections as it is...
  10. Have been all over this morning.....the further east I went the thicker the pea soup became....the further west I went the more clear....

    Port Melbourne, Williamstown etc are currently clear and sunny - albeit still 11degC

    How is it on the Peninsula?
    Anyone know of Spur condition? A mate of mine wanted to head that way today (against my advice - cold night, frost morning = black ice)
  11. Really? not mentioned anywhere was it?