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[Melbourne] Finding Motor Engineers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rs101, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Can anyone recommend any reliable engine workshops in the Eastern Suburbs that do honing work?
    I need to get a KLR-250 head done and am having trouble finding information on the net/yellowpages.

  2. Ken Colvin used to do outstanding head and barrel work. He's still around somewhere near Heidelberg.
  3. What needs doing to the head?
    You mentioned 'hone' so I assumed 'barrel' ?
    Bennet Bike Tune 52 Bennet St Dandneong
  4. Thanks for the replies, just got home.

    Yeah, I just need the cylinder barrel/liner honed, it dropped a valve, and while the head was off, decided to just chuck a new set of rings on it (slight roughness of the barrel just below the ring line as well.) Cheers, will give them both a ring tomorrow.
  5. Ended up chasing up Ken Colvin, (4/1 Cuverlands St Heidelburg West, 94591158)

    Even after telling him that leaving it with him for a few days would not be a problem (based on previous engine shops), 10 minutes/$15 dollars later he was done. (It is an easy job unless you don't have the press set up)Full of little bits of advice, and certainly very friendly. Definitely recommend him.

  6. Good to see nothing has changed with Ken!