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VIC Melbourne filtering blitz

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TOADS, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Heads up guys. Mr plod is having another blitz on filtering/splitting. I got done this morning on the Westgate inbound near Millers Road. By the time I'd crawled along with the cages to Willy road, the same bike cop had gotten another four bikes. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Be warned, they are hiiting us with both barrels.....passing on the left, failing to indicate, neg driving and a forth offence I can't recall. Can't wait to get that letter in the mail.....now there's some good news...NOT ](*,)

  2. It appears they are targeting bikes everywhere.
    A Plod wasting time down at Docklands Bvd doing standard License rego Harassment But not pulling over anything with more than 2 wheels.
  3. It doesn't really surprise me. They have been consistently and rigorously targeting splitting on freeways for a couple of years. Up 'til now, only a small handful of victims on other roads. They've made their intentions very clear - don't do it on freeways. Before I call it a change of policy I'd like to hear a bit more evidence.

    I really don't like the sound of multiple infringements being issued for a single action, though. That's repressive. So much for constructively engaging the riding community.
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but I indicate into the "split lane" when I filter, and try to stay to the left of the line as much as possible. As much as I'd THINK I'd have an argument against failing to indicate and passing on the left, more likely I'd get hit with the same set of offences.
  5. With the change in rules allowing passing on the left if the traffic is stopped and it's safe to do so etc (yeah I know there's other conditions to the rule as well) will you be contesting the charges in court or just paying the fine / taking the points?

    If contesting I'd love to know the outcome. In fact how many members here have contested these kinds of charges and won? Be great to have a list of "wins" and info on how it was approached in court to secure the win. Perhaps a database of solicitors who are capable of defending riders facing traffic violations (if a solicitor is used).

    It may be the only option to keep the $$ and points in your pocket - that is until the law is changed again to tighten things even more.
  6. Sorry to hear - 7 points just for the 3 you mentioned I think :(
  7. wow 7 points, i would love to know how much of the states driving population is on the edge of losing their license, ie has more then 2/3rd the points
  8. Yep, just looked it up...7 points. Now I wish I'd taken notice of the fourth offence. Seeing as I've only ever had one fine in 26 years and none in the last 20, I'll seriously consider taking it to court, but I'll get legal counsel first.

    We all know it's a calculated risk to do it, but I'd never considered loosing so many points as a result of getting nabed. Looks like I'll leave the bike in the shed now, and drive the car with the other mindless drones doing the stop start shuffle. May as well be warm, dry and cumfy if I have to sit in the traffic.
  9. Could one of our learned friends offer an opinion on whether taking it to court might get the incident reduced to (say) one offense?
    Surely four for an incident that involved no damage or injury is excessive.
  10. TOADS, can you please clarify a few points?
    When you were pinged:
    - what speed were you travelling at?
    - what speed was the rest of the traffic travelling at?
    - which lanes were you in-between?
    - were you being reckless? :-}

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  12. I will guarantee that if you are sent any fines there it won't be for 4 offences. Without being there I would hazard a guess that you will be pinned for "Unsafe overtake", as the cars were still moving. If you indicated to move into that lane then no problem, you don't need to keep it on whilst passing cars.(In fact if you do leave it on you are leaving yourself open to a fine of "Fail to cancel signal". Also there is no such fine for neg driving. I reckon you'll come out of this with one ticket
  13. What those 2 above me said.
  14. - 7.30 this morning
    - was doing between 30 to 40 km I dont split once traffic gets to 40k's as a rule
    - traffic was doing between stopped and 10km estimate
    - I was in between the the third and forth lane (right hand lanes)
    - I was definately not being reckless, but some could argue that by definition, splitting is reckless.

    It wasn't neg driving, it was careless driving...sorry, my NSW slang got the better of me. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what turns up in the mail and take it from there. What I did find unusual was not being given anything as to the details of my infringements....
  15. That's not unusual. Nowadays they often minimise the amount of time stopped by the side of the road and mail it out later.
  16. Went ahead and corrected that for ya :angel:
  17. That's a bit shit.

    Today I was splitting behind another bike on the Monash, we both went straight past a cop and he didn't do anything. Looks like we might have gotten lucky.
  18. www.trafficlaw.com.au - potter around their site and forum - you'll pick up a lot of info. Then once you get your infringement notifications, get Hardy's opinion on your case.

    Seriously, it like the cops have nothing better to do?!
  19. Riding home from work tonight was the most uncomfortable I've been in a lot of years on a bike. Being very mindful of not attracting any attention from Mr Plod for fear of any more points loss, I stayed at the speed limit, kept left and stopped when the traffic stopped. Now that's a scary ride. I had more close calls in one 50k trip than in 12 months of doing the same trip. Then to top it off. on the Princess just before the point cook bends, some nutter decides to split me and the car next to me whilst we were doing 100km and he was doing at least 120.....I wasn't expecting it and to be honest, he scared the shit out of me. He then continued to split the traffic without backing off until he was out of sight. Have to say I was less than amused after having the book thrown at me in the morning while doing no more than 40km