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Melbourne expo advice requested

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by techno, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. I managed to score myself a trip to Melb which coincides with the motorcycle expo. As this is my first time to this event I'm seeking the sage advice of the netrider elders on what I should try to include in the experience.

    How long should I take?
    What are the "must see" things (the netrider stand is a given)
    When is the best time to go?

    Any other advice gratefully accepted or ignored.:D


  2. have you checked out the website?

    Don't have a link but a google of aust motorcycle expo will get you there.

    All the info that you will need.
  3. If you were to follow me around this would be how it would go.

    Turn up about 10 am, I like to ease into the day.
    Look at each and every stand, display, bike, clothing, accessory and anything that doesn't get covered by the above. No real order, I just follow my nose to the next shiny thing I haven't looked at.

    Expect to spend at least six hours if you want to be thorough and sit on everything and take photos.
    Bring food, it isn't cheap inside.
    Wear comfortable boots.
    Take a camera.
    Take money.
    Get your bike dyno'd for free (I did)

    I'm the first to admit I'm a bit of a trainspotter when it comes to the bike show so if you just wanted to take a quick look then two hours should be heaps. For my money it pisses all over the car show so I like to take my time and really get into it.
  4. Yep I am like Deyago, like to take my time and wander around in a bit of a daze at all the shiny things that are there.
    Leave plenty of time, just in case you get caught by something really nice.
  5. i love the fact the website has information on how to get there by taxi, train, trams, water taxi(!), where to park your car in pay by the hour car parks, but no info on where you could park your BIKE ](*,) :roll:

  6. Isn't that what God invented footpaths for?? :D :wink:
  7. The past few years I have taken about 2-3 hours at the expo. I don't take pics, stop at stands that seem to interest me, sign up for as many competitions as possible (never won one though...)
  8. Ooooh. Forgot about this.

    /me schedules for 17th
  9. How about right out the front where all the other bikes will be grazing and getting watered
  10. From the Exhibitor's manual...

    A free motorcycle parking area will be provided at the south end of the MEC Building. Please ensure that
    motorcycle’s are kept to these areas and are not parked in thoroughfares.

    (not the Clarendon street end :LOL: )

  11. linky for the hard of searching

    I'll be there on Friday afternoon cause I'm busy on Sat (have to ride some bikes around a race-track).

    Not that I'm boasting or anything ;)

    Anyone else up for Friday afternoon?
  12. I'm thinking a relaxing stroll around the expo on Sunday. I'll also resist bragging about that excellent race track we will be playing on on the Saturday.
  13. Good point Jake, bragging should always be resisted ;)

    Unfortunately I can't make the Sunday as I've got to see a marriage guidance counselor (strange thing is that I'm not even married).
  14. That's a shame, Sunday will be a good day for it, especially after riding the world's greatest race track for a whole day. I agree of course, bragging is crass and unbecoming so I'll contiune to resist :) .
  15. .... unless, of course, someone provokes you into it, and then......
  16. So Nova, will you be making an purchases to enhance your experience of riding Phillip Island, legendary race track, prior to riding it all Saturday?
  17. [looks at the moths circulating my wallet] No :(

    What I should be buying is a super-sticky back tyre so I can get me some VFR :twisted: :D

    But alas, looks like it's sports tourer's for me :oops:

    Oh well, at least now I've got an excuse :LOL:
  18. Most of the footpaths and open areas around the Exhibition Centre may not be Public so there's a good chance of getting towed if you're not careful.


    Sounds like somewhere near Ferrars & Munro Streets end of the building (Melway Map 1C D5).