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VIC Melbourne City Council set to expand parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mouth, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Motorcycles and scooters will be given preferential treatment over cars and trucks in Melbourne's inner city, as part of a bold plan to reduce traffic and parking congestion by getting more commuters to take up motorcycling.

    Melbourne City Council is set to expand motorcycle parking across the municipality, at the same time as competition for these spaces, and the city's footpaths, heats up.

    Paid car parking could be replaced with free scooter spaces, while the council will also try to force developers of new apartment and office towers to create more motorcycle parking and supply lockers for protective clothing.

    The 2015-2018 Motorcycle Plan will by voted on by councillors next week. In the document, council staff argue that more motorcyclists on the roads would result in faster travel times for all, while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

    They point to a European study that showed that if 10 per cent of private cars were replaced by motorcycles, commuting times could decrease by 40 per cent.

    It is understood Melbourne is the only Australian capital city where it is a legal to park a motorcycle on the footpath, with the exception of sections of Collins Street, Flinders Lane and Exhibition Street.

    The council said that a "shift from cars to motorcycles" would free up parking space, as up to up to six motorcycles or 10 scooters can be parked in the space required for a single car.

    And while they concede cars can carry more passengers, the reality is the average vehicle occupancy in Australian cities is 1.1 to 1.2 people per vehicle, meaning most people drive alone.

    Cr Stephen Mayne said council should "potentially" replace some existing paid car parking with more allocations for motorcycle parking.

    Meanwhile, Cathy Oke, council's transport chair, said the council was lobbying Planning Minister Richard Wynne to introduce new laws that would increase requirements for motorcycle and bicycle parking in new building developments.

    The plan has the strong support of the Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC) and the Independent Riders' Group whose spokesman Steve Bardsley said while he believed there was a place for all types of transport, "it has to be acknowledged that cars are the main cause of congestion".

    The VMC's John Eacott said "it was good to see motorcycles really recognised as a solution to the transport problem", while peak motoring lobby group the RACV was not available for comment.

    With the current motorcycling rates at less than three per cent of vehicle traffic in the inner city, the council said a significant investment in time and resources would be required to encourage more to use motorcycles.

    Safety still remains a concern for some. Motorcyclists and their passengers represented 20 per cent of serious road injuries in the Melbourne City Council area in 2012-2013. Though it should also be noted that riding has become significantly safer in recent years, with fatalities and serious injuries decreasing by almost 20 per cent in the five years to 2013.

    The council has vowed to work with the state government and other authorities to remove a number of road hazards for motorcyclists, including requiring sharp steel barriers used around construction sites to be replaced with plastic bollards with a flexible base.

    It will also investigate dangers posed by posts on the outside of kerbs, large vegetation, slippery and difficult to see tram separators, road paint and metal plates without skid-resistant covers.

    Reference: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/m...-plan-for-melbournes-cbd-20150430-1mwvl4.html
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  2. Something else for us Sydneyites to covet that Melbourne has :(
    you lucky lucky bastids :D
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  3. who'd of thought it possible, a considered well measured article on motorcycling being considered by a govenment
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  4. It seems too good to be true
  5. The Motorcycle Plan for the CoM is an initiative in response to the VMCs presentation to the City of Melbourne some years ago, where we pointed out the anomaly of plans for bikes and pedestrians but not for the third Vulnerable Road User group. To their credit the CoM voted a budget for the plan and have involved motorcycle and other groups all throughout the process. We commend the plan but it still has to be approved next Tuesday: if anyone can find time to either respond online or attend and support the proposed plan it all helps to lend weight. Plus shows the CoM council that we are united and know how to negotiate and produce results!

    The pavement parking, whilst supported by the CoM and practised sensibly and productively, is actually a State regulation and unless banned by a local authority is allowed throughout Victoria.
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  6. I do understand that this is a genuine attempt by CoM, and I'm grateful for the effort by VMC, but there's still a cynical little part of me that says on-road parking could get traded for footpaths somewhere down the line.
    I need to be more trusting, I know.

    I'd rather be allowed inside building lines, FWIW...
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  7. Interesting. I always assumed that since footpath parking was allowed under State rules, that they took precedent over and therefore couldn't be banned by local authorities.
  8. Rule 197 (1) (b) absolves motorcycles from compliance, but local authorities can decide when an area is deemed unsuitable. That is how the three areas in Melbourne have been signed as no motorcycle pavement parking, by local authority.
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  9. april fools, but late????????
  10. IIRC correctly, CoM councillor Peter Wright (?) sponsored by the Property Owners Association, did try to move for a blanket footpath ban a few years ago. Some representations were made (including some NR luminaries) and the matter was dropped before going to a vote.
    I have no idea what swung the turnaround. Maybe it was pointed out that they didn't have the authority?

    Good effort with Faine, Heli (y)
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  11. No, for years there have been signs of them moving in this direction.
  12. OK, now that most of the detail is out, I'm pretty happy with what I see. No hidden agendas here, just good news.
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  13. Huumph...hope it happens for you guys!
    come on Clover Moore -pretend we are push bike riders and give us Sydney motor bikers something for a change!
    We pay the same tolls as cars in Sydney and get next to sweet fcuk all in exchange...only allowed in certain bus lanes and the transit lanes...
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  14. Great to read, and fingers crossed there are no backflips from the council and current state government. Things are finally heading in the right direction for us motorcyclists in Victoria, include filtering becoming legal later this for our safety on the roads. Now only if the states and federal governments can sort out this Helmet and Tinted visor crap, all will be good again.

    All in all, great to see and read that common sense is finally starting to play a part in big decisions.

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  15. all you nswelsh people didn't you get filtering?
  16. Yes ...well the unrestricted licence holders did (Ls and Ps na) but they didn't bother to tell the cagers!
    Still not a trade off for $35 a day in tolls :(
  17. The vote on the plan is at 5.30pm Tuesday, May 5th at Melbourne Town Hall. Would be good to have the public gallery full of bike riders supporting the Plan.

    Future Melbourne Committee – Council Meeting Room,
    Level 2, Melbourne Town Hall Administration Building
  18. Same Toll as Cars! That's a bit unfair.
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  19. If you are unable to attend, please submit your support for the proposal using the City of Melbourne Council and Committee meeting submission form. It would be helpful to stress the positive nature of the plan and praise the consultations taken by the city engineers to create the proposal.

    The more support the better, I shall be there to make a short verbal submission following a private briefing for the chair of the transport planning committee.
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  20. The plans for the transfer of 20 (paying) car park spaces to free motorcycle parking has been completed, and all 20 spaces will be repainted and signed within two months; hopefully less. Initially the bays will be simply painted to allow four bike spaces at right angles to the street, but when reviewed and finalised they will be angle park spaces and appropriately finished to match existing motorcycle bays.

    We (the VMC) have also raised with the CoM engineers the current anomaly of bike angle parking being ride in, which with most current bikes requires a reverse into the traffic lane. The old design which allowed for riding out into a clear lane between the two banks of bike parks is generally impossible now with larger and longer bikes. Also angle parking kerbside currently requires ride in and a heavy push back up against the road camber.

    I also requested (and received) confirmation that parking motorbikes in the available space alongside the kerbing around trees in the middle of the road, where centre parking bays exist, is legal for motorbikes. They are unmetered and CoM confirmed that they can be used for free motorcycle parking.

    Plans for the 20 ex-car, now motorcycle, bays attached:
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