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Melbourne Channel Ten News Tuesday 24th

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heli, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. No idea how it will come out, but Ten News are running an item on a couple of videos showing cars turning into riders tonight during the 5pm News. Alicia seemed onside, but who knows what will happen in the edit suite!

  2. Just shows that you have to be alert, ride defensively and treat tin tops as though they are out to get you. Similar to the skills taught to you through advanced rider training (hint for newer riders)
  3. Nice positive pro-motorcycle piece, and No 2 in the bulletin :D
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  4. <br />
Thanks <a href="https://netrider.net.au/members/heli.30687/" class="internalLink"><img onerror=
    [​IMG]@Heli . I don't watch much TV but might make the effort.
    Edit....bother, I missed it.
    was that you I passed on Riddell Road this afternoon? You would have had the nice tail wind. I was flat sticking it into the headwind and had my tongue sticking out in concentration, losing revs and cursing mightily. Thank goodness for helmets!
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  5. Goldenberri try posting them in ONE post, it's labelled as spamming if you do it three in a row on the same subject
  6. smeesmee that'd be good if I didn't have a 30 minute window to edit. The grin was a separate post BTW.
  7. Instead of trying driver ed, they will flouro vest us all.
  8. grin was pointless
  9. Not quite. You've missed something, but anyhoo....
  10. Hey GoldenberriGoldenberri, you can't miss HeliHeli, he hovers as he glides along, that's what he was doing on the Black Dog on Sunday. He was easy to pick when marking a corner. That said, get onto Black Dog next year, it's a great cause.
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  11. I fully plan on it PetesulPetesul . Was away on the Yorke Peninsula for the most recent one (in the Forby). But I'll get on the next one.
  12. I saw the article, it is more a segway into slowly introducing the concept of filtering to the sheep.
  13. HeliHeli well done John, given how much of your comments would have ended up on the editing floor you got some good positive messages across.

    Cheers Jem
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  14. Great to see main stream networks trying to get the message of 'look out for bikes' out there.

    That video, could have been used to promote, high-vis propaganda (except the WA cop getting rear ended), or for bikes to be more aware (from a cagers perspective).
    The initial video, in slow mo, seemed like there was plenty of warnings/indication the car was going to move. The second video, with the green bike running up the left hand lane and t-boneing, the car turning right, as stated, there was a truck stopped to allow the care to turn, this would have been a massive blind spot for the bike, and as a rider, had me wondering, 'whats going on?'.... green bike had slowed considerably prior to impact.

    I agree with old mate, all the video were the cage drivers fault.

    However, from a cagers veiw, the story could have been used to promote High-vis, or that more rider training is needed to ensure riders look for potential hazards/warning signs.

    Otherwise, a positive story, in favour of rider safety.
  15. Wow, an actual positive article presented by main stream media on the subject of motorcycling. Fantastic, to see.

    Was happy to hear him speak about general driver education, comes across better than just laying blame in one direction.