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Melbourne casual rider Looking for mates

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kitju Kat, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all!

    Wasn't too sure where to post this one. But I'm 23, live in the outer S-E Suburbs and am looking to meet some cool people to hang out with on and off bikes.

    I've been riding nearly 18 months very casually and have recently have let me motivation to ride disappear. Most of my friends who do ride are now far more experienced than me and riding with them kind of scares me now. So basically I want to meet some new folks about my age and in my situation who are looking to better their riding skills (gradually) and hang out off the bikes as well.

    I'm really into concerts and festivals, dance music, sports cars, animals, movies, kicking boxing and general fitness. Just general hanging out. Summer's here and I'd like to actually get to enjoy it for once being out and about every chance I get. Clubs, festivals, days by the pool, going to the movies and nice cruisey rides.

    Drop me a line!

  2. Are you hot?
  3. Have a look at the ride calender for Vic, you'll hook up with heaps of likeminded people with plenty of time to chat with. A nicer bunch you'll be hard to beat. Good luck

  4. are you hot x 2
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    Check the Saturday morning learners session for starters. Great way to meet beginners and more experienced riders and many learner and intermediate rides come out of this group.

    Good luck!
  6. + 1 for what Anto said, the ride calender as Cjvfr said is great too, usually rides are on sundays.. keep your eye out but a visit sat morns is a good starting poing point and quite a few people out your way as you may already know!
  7. Why not post a photo? It may help
  8. Ah, the classic netrider response.

    If you can make the saturday morning sessions they're worth it.

    Failing that, look out for any rides heading out your way. They'll run down the peninsula or out into gippsland fairly often.

    Failing that, I'm up for a ride/chill out after work ;)
  9. Wasn't me, it was Cam :)
  10. If you're who I'm thinking of, do you still work at Dick Smiths?
    That might make it a bit difficult to get to Sat mornings if working!!
    No, not a stalker, just remember you having a problem with the wind while riding & an incident getting blown off the road!!

    & to smee & others,,Yup she is!!
  11. i live in chirnside park,
    always up for a ride, and more then willing to guide to a satdy morning session.
  12. Sorry Chris, 'As what Cam said :) '
  13. That's Ok, Happens a lot. ;) I keep saying I am the good looking one but in the interest of fair and balanced reporting Cam ([MENTION=25584]CFVFR[/MENTION]) says it is him. Poor deluded character that he is. ;)
  14. One could also easily I dentify the difference between you two, close your eyes and listen, Cam can project his voice 'some have said' for a kilometer :) being a teacher [I believe?] has blessed Cam with a good set of lungs, 'back in my day' he'd need to be very accurate with the duster throwing too :)
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    Anyone else notice she hasn't replied? Scared off by the 'r u hawt' posts?
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    I highly doubt it. She's 23 not 14. Women know exactly what kind of a reaction that kind of post brings :)
  17. Yeah I was there at the first one :) Bit hard to get to now being so far away and having gym and sport commitments 4 nights a week
  18. I'm sorry! I was at pre occupied >.>
  19. She's hot btw, I can attest to that.