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Melbourne car enthusiast - New To Riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by crembz, May 4, 2015.

  1. Hi All, I'm a car enthusiast from Melbourne and have just moved to 2 wheels :D I've already posted a few questions but was very rude and never introduced myself .... so ... here I am. Got my L's last week, and an old Spada off a mate over the weekend. I've got a total of 2km of riding under my belt now and have worn a patch in my driveway lol. Looking forward to getting out there once I mustered up enough courage and eventually commuting to work (CBD) from the Dandenong ranges area. The road out the front of my place has an 80km/h limit so I'm hesitant to just head out there without an escort for now.

  2. Welcome, Emerald is a great area to ride. Uncle Greg's Saturday ride often comes through the area. Get some practice and then see if you can tag on or get to Saturday practice.
  3. Saturday practice is in St Kilda right? I really can't wait to get out on the roads around my place.
  4. Yes practice is alongside the Marina behind the BP service station. If you have a day at home on a weekday then have a go on your local roads after the morning school drop off rush. Roads should be quiet then.
  5. Howdy and welcome to NR crembzcrembz .
  6. Welcome,
    Yes, I guess getting out onto Wellington rd the first time will be a bit hairy, but once you're out its a great starting point.
    There are quite a few of us relatively close to you. Should have no shortage of riding buddies or assistants / mentors.
  7. I could come along to meet you, I live near Westfield, so wouldn't be too much trouble to head out that way, then back to city. Well.. i just miss the ranges actually.
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  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! It's great to have such an active community. Nothing like this on the amg forums lol.

    deadman offered to come down and help me out for the first time ... what a legend! I keep thinking ... if only I could make it to an industrial estate or carpark ... I could spend a few hours just practising. Right now I'm limited to the steep, slow, uphill, cambered 90 degree corners of my driveway hahaha. I suppose they're great angles to refine my slow riding skills. I've now hit 4kms under my belt and counting :D

    Do you mean Westfield Fountgate? That would be great, how often do you go? As soon as I'm comfortable riding above 20km/h I'll let you know =D
  10. Haha, nah Westfield Doncaster, but I head down to Moorabbin quite often ("often" being understatement, gotten to the point where I'm pretty damn sure I can do the trip blindfolded, but i don't), I'd be more than happy to escort you.
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  11. Not too much trouble ... OMG that's a 47km trip down here lol!! I wouldn't know how to thank you ... fresh scones and coffee seem a little inadequate :-/
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  12. Haha, considering I make the trip so often, it wouldn't really be that big of a deal. Either ways, just give me a shout out if you need an escort. Might head down this saturday if the weather's good, so you can tag along if you want to come to Saturday practice.
  13. Thanks heaps mate! To be honest I don't like my chances of getting enough road practise by Saturday, but should be up for it in the next few weeks ... weather permitting, we do live in Melbourne so can't expect too much in the weather department.
  14. Sure thing I'll let you know the next time I head down to Moorabbin and have some free time available. Or you could just pm me when you're free, and I'll see if I'm available, else, there's always other riders around that are more than willing to help out, so just give a shout out and I'm sure someone will come calling.
  15. Sure thing mate, I'll PM you when I'm ready, I'm sure we'll be able to sort out a time that works.
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  16. Howdy crembzcrembz , welcome to NR!