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Melbourne - Brisbane Return

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by RustyO, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    In the (very) initial stages of planning a return trip from Melbourne to Brisbane and was after some loose advice / comments.

    I'm not very knowledgable on the country in between, so if anyone has any top tips for routes to go, or places to stop on the way, it would be most appreciated.

    Quite happy (much prefer) to take the twisties and scenic routes then long highway stretches.

    Planning on about 3 days each way (could be more if needed); and may look at inland one way, coast the other way, but am open to suggestions.

  2. My internet connection is fscked (I'm shaped :() at the moment so I can't do a google map, but...

    I would go over the mountains to Canberra, then to Goulburn, Taralga, Oberon, Lithgow, Bilpin, cut across to the Putty road, to Singleton, then east to Dungog, Gloucester, up Thunderbolts way to Armidale, then to Grafton, Casino, (Nimbin?), then either up the highway or take one of the many back routes from there.
  3. 3 days - that sounds like a lot of hours each day.
    I'm a newbie though.
  4. Hey RustyO, 3 days is plenty. The route jazzfan gave is a good one. Inland FTW!

    It is a ride that can be comfortably done in 2 days, so giving yourself 3 days each way is wise. I'd suggest avoiding the Hume both ways - go up inland, then back all the way down the eastern coast (including Vic). It'd be a chilled, enjoyable and scenic ride, with plenty of good and varied roads to keep you interested.

    Do yourself a BIG favour and borrow or buy a copy of Peter 'The Bear' Thoemig's excellent Australian Motorcycle Atlas (4th Ed) - published by Hema.
  5. 2 days?

    Isn't that like 2 x 12 hour days?

    Google maps said that it was more than 24 hours.

    I'm curious because I'd like to do Melbourne to Brisbane in the new year.
  6. Lots of good info there, thanks all.

    Will try and pick up a copy tomorrow... there's a place on Little Collins, the Vic Info Bookstore that may sell copies.
  7. check out spots rides to brisbane in these riding diaries, up thunderbolts ect theres some good routes there from just south of sydney to brisbane
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  9. Borrowing Jazzfan's list and adding linkses;
    across to the Putty road, to Singleton, then east to Dungog, Gloucester, up Thunderbolts way to Armidale, (Dorrigo) then to Grafton, Casino, Mt. Lindesay Highway.

    Something like that perhaps.
    If you can manage 250-300km before reserve, filling up at Windsor, Gloucester (or any town along that road), Armidale, Grafton, and one last stop as you approach Brisvegas.

    That'll take you up Thunderbolts Way (yay!), from West to East on the entire length of Waterfall Way via Dorrigo (going straight to Grafton cuts off a fun bit), along Summerland Way which is great fun through Clouds Creek and toward the Brisbane end where it turns into the Mt. Lindesay Highway... The bit in the middle of Summerland Way isn't so exciting, but it's not the Pacific Highway's tourist-laden roadwork-riddled town-speed-limit restricted misery at least.. ;)
  10. Excellent advice. This book was well worth the $35. Thank you very much for the recommendation.
  11. One other tip don't do it in the middle of summer.