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Melbourne Bike Parking At Night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drewc, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Hi All!

    I have a question regarding bike parking in the city at night, I think it's easiest if I give you the background on my situation:
    I'm going to my L's next weekend and really want to buy a bike directly afterwards (VT250 or similar, might make this hippo guy an offer in the Bikes For Sale section "[Melb] Honda Spada FS $3k neg."), the problem is at the moment I'm living in an apartment in the city near the Bourke Street mall and I don't have a parking spot! Now, as I understand it it would be silly of me to park my bike overnight on the street and expect it to be safe, but I also don't want ot have to pay $200 a month for a secure carpark for a $3000 bike.
    There are a few small alleys around that don't have bars/clubs on them which I think I could park the bike in, makes it easier for thieves but less likely to be knocked over by drunk people.

    So... I'd love to get some advice on what I should do! Is bike theft a big problem in Melbourne? Is there such thing as secure parking for bikes which costs less than secure parking for cars? What would you do in my situation?

  2. My mate's r1 got stolen in broad daylight at Victoria Univeristy on Queen Street a couple of days ago. I think bike theft is a big problem everywhere, cowards like easy targets.

    My advice though is to get a nice thick chain and lock and secure it to a pole or other grounded structure while making sure that the chain is not on the floor (as it's easier to break a chain thats on the floor). Other than that, you may be able to ride into a secure parking and ride out around the gates without paying... but thats probably not legal.
  3. Farrrk sorry to hear about your mates r1! That really sucks...

    Thanks for the tips, I wouldn't have thought to keep the chain off the ground, cheers.
  4. Take a couple of walks through your building if it has a car park under it to see if there is any bike owners living there. If there is they may be willing to share a spot with you, free or not.

    Chaining the bike is probably a minimum, though you could look at installing a kill switch equipped alarm(ignitor??) Although there are some threads on alarm systems in the parts/accessories area.
  5. say_wat mentioned the "dodging" of the barriers of a secure car park, and well yes while it's not legal you may want to ask the staff for permission of some sort ? I did this after frequenting Sydney airport secure parking regularly, and was amazed at how accomodating the staff and supervisors were to my question. It's worth a try as it worked for me for years. The other idea of sharing a spot in your existing building is probably a more convenient / better one.
  6. hey drewc...
    mate just a few things. if you could share a space with another rider that would be perfect... if you can NOT:

    1. agreed value insurance
    2. rubber/plastic coated chain (fixed to tree/pole etc &
    3. my favourite. i have done this for 20+yrs. Eglet padlock 60-75mm connected to the chain positioned near the front sprocket. :wink:

    cheers matty
  7. if you are getting a Spada for $3k or under, i think there is less chance of it being stolen than a shiney nice R1.

    still, you would want to lock it up. disc lock minimum, possibly a large chain/anchor lock. i wouldnt bother investing in an alarm system/immobiliser for a POS bike.

    another thing for parking on the street. a bike cover. simply having your bike not visible, people cant see what it is without trying to look. out of sight out of mind. it really makes a diff.
  8. Umm.. no!

    I was riding my daughter's Spada while she was overseas. It was parked out the back in MacArthur Place opposite the Dept of Justice. At 4.45 one afternoon two guys on a Kawasaki rode up, the pillion hopped off, broke the steering lock, hot wired the bike and rode it away. There were several people standing around (including a couple of scooter riders) who totally ignored it. fcuking dickhead stupid idiots...

    Had I not been delayed by 5 minutes by an incoming phone call I would have caught the bastards in the act. Iknow the details because the DoJ security cameras caught the whole thing. But not in enough details to get the rego on the Kwaka. ZX10 I think. Moral - never trust a kawaski owner :p

    No success at all in tracing it.

    The chain and alarm might work - also a bike cover that can be locked onto the bike will help wiht the drunks. Also try one of the tracking devices you can get. It can be moved to your next bike.

  9. this is not true, my friend works at crown casino and his cbr125 was stolen from the staff carpark (need card to get in, security post near entrance) and he was parked next to a cbr600s, rx1, etc

    what i didn't get was they decided to take his scratched up bike instead of the newer cbrs125s next to his one.

    im planning to strap a home made explosive to my ninja soon :)
  10. hahaha LMAO :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    only IMO some of the ideas are great but @ the end of the day you are NOT buying a $20k bike are you.
    cover, chain & a PADLOCK on the chain... try hotwiring your bike then & taking off in broad day light :!: i wont happen + you will have Insurance
  11. TheZX10 would have to have been also stolen. No "true" Kawasaki owner would want your daughter's spada. :p
  12. damn beat me to it!!

    obviously was some kind of prank! just goes to show thieves are dumb, all this talk of stealing hondas :p
  13. chain it up hard, I have 2 large chains one for each wheel and a disc lock. Especially on the spada is you can get a nice coated lock you might be able to thread it thru the chassis on the naked part of the bike. Its alot harder on my R6 but I do it near the swingarm.

    I still get that funny feeling when I walk to the outside carpark of my building most mornings where I chain it up.
  14. hmmm... chains.... I went and bought a large chain (for other purposes) the other day, thinking "I'll get the biggest mofo they've got". Watched the guy in the shop cut it to size with a big bolt cutter, and I'm just sat their thinking, "Well, that was a waste of money...". :?
  15. lol
  16. Perhaps they wanted a quality motorcycle??? :wink: