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Melbourne Beaches

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know any really good beaches in the within about 1hr of melbourne??,
    I haven't been to the beach in probably 5-6 years and i have the day off today and i have decided i will go to the beach :D , I just wan't somewhere clean and with easy access.

    PS: Anyone is welcome to join me i will be leaving my place at about 1:00 and can meet up with people along the way, if i get no replies i'll just head down to stKilda or brighton beach :? . - PM me if you wanna go
  2. I usually head straight down springvale road to chelsea then a few k's further up towards seaford and just pull into any side street and you're on a fairly nice and clean beach.
  3. half moon bay in black rock
  4. Thanks for the relplies guys, milos' idea sounds pretty easy to get to so i might head down chealsea way.
  5. humm nice idea! whats the weather like today? I have to file my report though. humm.
  6. Make a nice ride of it and head down the peninsula. Nepean Highway then mornington road. A cruise up to Arthurs seat if you desire.
    Safety beach, Dromana and Rosebud Beach are nice clean beaches.