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Melbourne and surrounds - intermediate twisties and bends

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by akaluke, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. I'm a new rider and would like to get some practice on twistie and windy sections...

    A mixture of twisties, gentle bends, decent lengths, a mixture of speeds...

    Make sense?

    Ideally, I guess I'm after areas that aren't too difficult, but still a little challenging, not too much traffic, good roads...but I'll take what I can get.

    I'm happy to head out of Melbourne a bit.

    Any suggestions for routes?
  2. Thanks Thera.

    I've done Yarra Bvd and I might head out to Wildwood at some stage.

    I'm also after longer rides.

    Loops of around 2 hours would be ideal!
  3. Just a word of caution about Wildwood rd... take your first time through at a sedate speed. There are some tricky visually deceptive corners and the wooden bridge is something special, rickety with two wooden tyre tracks - you MUST ride on one, or you will go down.
  4. there is a thread floating about i think it was put together start of last riding season with different roads and grading (mostly graded by the nr) it was quite a well broken down thread....

    Will see if i can dig it up

  5. not to mention it can be as rough as guts. One should always go through slow the first time so you can at least form a slight understanding of a road before you go through at blat factor 9. Also the odd oncoming car can be a surprise on wildwood at any time of the day, especially around the bridge. I find after a couple of runs the bridge is a fantastic place to have a break.

    If i'm out for a cruise, i'll normally go down the nepean and come back up beach road, then around to under the westgate and cruise along the bay into williamstown for a coffee at willy, then around the waterfront to willy beach, then home. If it's hot enough its a great slow ride through willy.

  6. Between the tracks slowly works better - al;though the first time I rode that road was on my old K100 with a pillion. Interesting experience hitting that bridge and not knowing about it... Even though I'd actually slowed, you can't see what's actually there before you hit it. :?
  7. What side of town are you on, Akaluke?
    It will make a difference to what's convenient for you.
  8. I'm in St Kilda.

    I'm also on a cruiser if that makes any difference.
  9. There are resurfacing works at the airport end at the moment.
  10. Not close to anything, then.

    East: Dandenongs (Mt Dandenong Tourist road), Emerald to Launching Place via Gemborook.
    North: Flowerdale via Whittlesea (Via St Andrews if you're VERY confident and careful). Arthur's Creek area. Christmas Hills.
    West: Blackwood, Glenmore (take care here). Anakie - Steiglitz.
    South(East): Poowong - Drouin.
  11. Luke - if there's no "big" ride planned on saturday, sometimes we'll head out from the carpark for a tootle round after the prac
    But we seem to be planning more bigger rides now :]
  12. If no-one is riding after practice on Saturday - I'll probably head off on my own.

    There's a few heading up to Jamieson this weekend right? Might not be many around for a Saturday ride.

    I'm up for bigger rides now - feeling a lot more comfortable. Just can't do overnighters at the moment - Sunday mornings are booked.
  13. the black spur
  14. Come to car-park on Sat and if there's any interest I can show you
    Wildwood and Diggers Rest, that'll keep ya busy.

  15. Too much traffic on the weekends, being stuck behind a line of fourbies and camry drivers ain't going to improve your motorcycling skills!
  16. Mt Dandenong Tourist road is wall to wall cars at any time doing 40 klms looking at the trees, I live just near there and never go on it for this reason.
  17. Arthurs seat road, not very long, but intense.