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Melbourne airport parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bojo, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Gudday. I have read that you can take a ticket on arrival at the undercover parking and then just drive around the boom gate on exiting. Does this work? Also are there lockers available to chuck my hat and coat in down at T4 (tiger) ?
    Thanks, bojo

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  2. If you guys find out about lockers at Tulla, please let us all know. Conversely, a PM specifying details would be greatly appreciated.
    The idea of riding to/from work has crossed my mind many a time.
  3. This may be a stupid question, but is that legal (i.e. do bikes get free parking)? Or just a way or slipping out without paying? If the latter, wouldn't there be a likelihood that your plate may get nabbed on camera somewhere? That's if the Melb Airport car park owners actually pause from rolling around in $ bills in their bank vaults like Scrooge McDuck and go looking for their missing $$...
  4. Nickers330Nickers330 They have done away with lockers at the airport, all part of the security upgrades after 911.

    There is a storage desk located on the ground floor of the international terminal that I have used; it's not cheap if you wanted to use it every day. See here -

    As for Parking the bike, I take a ticket and park in an undercover spot in short term parking, try for one that is near the footbridges so lots of passing traffic to discourage anything being done to the bike.

    On exit I just ride around the barrier; yes they have cameras and signs saying you will be fined; however they capture the front of the offending vehicle :)
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  5. Thanks Jem, nice to know and thanks for fast response
  6. No drama, have a great weekend.
  7. No, bikes do not get free parking. They are charged at high rates to park on a special little piece of footpath on the outside of the undercover car park down near the Qantas terminal, and, if you see the other post linked above, if they don't park between the lines on the special footpath then they cop parking fines.
    In Victoria it is legal to park on most footpaths. Some special places think we should pay for the privilege.
  8. Yes the airport corp is very special. Makes more from parking annually than most small countries...
  9. Unfortunately for us it's federal land and they do exactly what they want. You should see the mess it gets in to when major crimes are committed on airport grounds and the Feds/Vicpol get into a dick waving contest as to who gets the bust.
  10. Some of us don't even receive free parking at the airport, even as front-line staff using the airport & its services on a regular basis.. Go figure !

    The world has been overcome by greed..
  11. Anyone parked recently at MEL? I've got a short trip coming up (and after a 10 year break have a bike again) and would definitely like to just leave my bike at the airport.
  12. See post #5
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  13. Yep. Footpath being between the building front or front fence and the kerb, most part of the airport doesn't fit that description :-(
  14. I just got a call from a rider who has received an infringement notice from the airport for parking his motorcycle - I don't know all the details. The fine is worth $102. One of his mates has received FOUR infringement notices.

    This link is the official advice to motorcycle riders and says we pay the same as cars and that bikes will be fined and/or towed if parked illegally. http://melbourneairport.com.au/to-f...t-parking/motorbikes-and-bicycle-parking.html

    According to : http://melbourneairport.com.au/to-from-the-airport/airport-parking/parking-infringements.html the airport has the right to issue parking infringements.

    I presume the carpark mob are reviewing video footage and issuing fines.
  15. And another fine just called through to me.

    Seems like Melbourne Airport is on the pernicious warpath.
  16. They probably read this thread.
  17. Be very interested to know what the fine was for robsalvvrobsalvv ?

    Was it for exiting without paying or something else?

    Cheers Jeremy
  18. One of the callers is sending a scan through.
  19. Ok, lets us know.