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Melbourne Airport parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by philmydang, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know what the situation with MC parking at melbourne airport is now? As far as I know I have to pay the same rate as a car - heading to sydney for a week and was thinking about leaving the bike somewhere and doing a sneaky around the boomgates on the way out. Anyone done this recently? Or should I just find one of those offsite secure parks with shuttle service?

  2. Just park it there, but seriously a week

    Get a taxi and leave the bike in the garage at home

    At least it will be there when you get home, can't say the same for the airport

    But if you do park there just go around the jiggers, been doing this now almost daily for 8-9years now
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  4. sorry about that I did use search but I must've missed the recent posts, all the ones I found dated back a few years. I ended up going with an offsite secure parking mob, 40 bucks for the week, garaged w/ video surveillance and still cheaper than a taxi ride to the airport.
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  5. Even the Long Term at the airport is cheaper than a taxi.
  6. I have been parking at the airport for free for years now. even with the new ominous signs up I still dont pay. ride around the barrier, park it, then when you wanna go out, head towards the rental car exit...... easy as.

    been visiting my kids in hobart for 8 years and have NEVER got a ticket

    phuck em

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  7. I have staff parking at sydney airport, but with the bike we just ride around the the gates and park in the normal car park.
  8. how far is that car park from MELBOURNE AIRPORT?
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  9. Correct, But I was just a suggestion that we get away with it at one place, so scope it out at his joint really.
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    if you read the thread and the links to the other threads then the OP could make a better decision than try something that may work in sydney.

    edit, I was also mentioned in the countless threads on this topic as well.