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Melbourne Airport Long Term Parking

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Folks,

    All is not what it seems. Beware of the great parking RIP OFF.

    Last month I was in QLD for the expo.

    Leave Melbourne on the 19th of Feb and returned on the 26th of Feb.

    Pay for the long term carpark and exit the carpark.

    Get home, about to file the receipt when I notice it was $85 instead of the advertised $69.

    Phoned the carpark to query the "overcharge" and get told that it was correct.

    I parked the car at 15:10 Hrs
    I collected the car at 18:23 Hrs

    Now according to the carpark, because I collected the car after 15:10Hrs, I did in fact fall into the NEXT DAY!!!!!

    So, despite me being there for 7 days, I was charged for 8 days, an additional $16 for 3 hours :shock:

    $69 for 7 days, my arse. I can see that they run in 24 hour blocks but their methods and advertising are deceptive.

    For what it's worth, I'll lodge a complaint with the Office of Fair trading and see where it ends up.

    Don't really hold any hope of anything eventuating but it may serve as a warning to others that may be mislead into thinking 7 Days is 7 days from Date to Date, not from hour to hour. :shrug:
  2. So essentially you didnt read the terms and conditions of entry?
  3. :rofl: :-k :nopity: Yeah but whatchagonadu? He's got ya there Vic. Man you could do a whole seperate thread on worlds greatest rippoffs venus of the world-AIRPORTS :shock: Mate flew to London on business few years ago, hadnt even left Heathrow terminus and in admittedly up market cafe had paid 38$ Oz for a cup of Tea, an ommeltte and toast :shock:
  4. You are such a dick.

    Vic the way I see it is that your are billed per day in a 24 hr period therefore when you go over the 24 period it's going to roll over into the next day. It sounds correct to me but any company worth it's salt would waive that for the sake of 3 x hours and good customer service.
  5. Cheers Dougz.

    As I said, earlier, The fine print would cover them but their advertising is misleading. "Park for 7 days pay only $69"

  6. I guess it comes down to interpretation mate. The way I see it is that you're right technically and so are they. What they needed to say in the advertising is that 'per day' refers to a 24hr period. I'd ring them back and kick up a stink and refer them to their advertising and see what they are prepared to do for you. I spent years in Customer Service management and I know what I'd do if someone with your issue rang up :)
  7. Totally agree. Both parties are in the right I just feel that they should be clearer in their advertising.

    I'm not too fussed about the extra money as long as they obtain it without any hint of deception.

  8. I disagree. What if its a 9-5 carpark advertising "7 days parking" and you rock up at 6pm for instance. would you complain the advertisings misleading? It's just a matter of perspective, and evidently it "pays" to check this things eh? Never assume is the lesson.

    Common sense has no place in business.

    I wasnt *trying* to be a douche :p I agree, it's a bit o tough luck eh.
  9. I had to pick someone up from Canberra airport a few weeks ago and nearly fell over when it only cost me $2.00 for 25 minutes.

    Melbourne would be something like $20.00 for a similar time frame.
  10. Vic, if its just about the $$, imo a better approach would be to first write them a respectful but sternly worded letter stating the facts, the problem and the desired solution. Of course, let them know that you'll be contacting the office of fair trading in the event that they are unable to rectify the issue. I find that in most genuine cases, organisations understand and/or can't be bothered pursuing the matter officially and give in.

    In fact, even if you just want them to fix their misleading advertisement, write to them first and recommend adding a proper disclaimer 'or you'll be contacting the office of fair trading'. I don't like your chances with this though.
  11. I happened to be driving past the Long Term Car Park last night and in the fading light am pretty sure I saw the words "Conditions apply" on one of the fence banners advertising the $69 deal.

    No doubt they'll use that as an excuse :roll:
  12. They should have said "when you leave before 3PM." badluck really its like phonebooths not giving change and parking meters letting you overpay by accident/accept payment when its free parking.
  13. I thought the Brisbane airport were nasty - they're actually cheap by comparison according to these reports.

    Personally I always use private off-site long term parking. A bit cheaper, they drop you off at the door, assist with baggage and the other services they offer such as detailing and mechanic/servicing are handy too. Also all terms are agreed upon in person before departing - none of this "you drive across this line and your soul belongs to us" fine-print stuff.
  14. Consider yourself lucky your not at Sydney Airport !
    $110 for 7 days !, $12per day there after !