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Melbourne accessory stores

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Muzbot, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Am in Melb for the day and was wondering where there are some decent accessory and gear stores. Am looking for jackets and pants. Have looked on Elizabeth St, but there's not the best range. Are there any accessory super stores around?

  2. Other than elizabeth street the next biggest group of bike shops is in ringwood where you have,
    Bikemart, peter stevens, A1 and the yamaha and honda dealers.
  3. But if you go to ringwood they will beat you up.
  4. There's also a bunch of shops all together in Bell Street Heidelberg - Riders Edge (all accessories), Redwing Honda and a Yammy dealer.
  5. WHY???
  6. Well... Look at him... OK look to be honest I'd probably beat him up too. Forget the Ringwood thing. You'll get beat up wherever you go mate, sorry.
  7. I promise I will do no such thing.:LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously there is also All Motocycle Accessories on Dorset Rd just Near Mountain Hwy. They have a good range of stuff at decent prices.
  8. linked to your post in my post above...

    Still a little groggy from all that 'turkey'?
  9. Nothing scary about going to Ringwood - Elizabeth St has more scary people IMHO.....:)

    The Ringwood shops all have a great range of gear...show your Netrider card at Bikemart for a discount (ask to see Max - he's my cousin) or drop next door to A1 and ask for Angel (yup thats his real name too).. tell Angel that you are a Netrider member and he too will look after you. For info, Angel is the new accessories manager at A1 & they have a heap of new stock in at the moment.

    Good luck with gear hunting!

  10. I am blaming other people plus the fact I did not click on the links

  11. If an outdoor adventure store (a store that sells sking, water skiing, kayaking, archery, diving, camping etc. equipment) would also stock motorcycling gear would pople buy gear from them??

    (My cuz and his mates have reacently opened a storle like it and he asked me same question)
  12. In the city there is also BMW Melbourne on/near the Southbank.
    In Richmond, there is a Motorcycle clearance shop on Swans St close to the Dimmey's store (Clocktower landmark). Or around the corner on Church St East Ricmond; Ducati Mebourne. :)
  13. The big one; Action MC has withdrawn to Sydney.
  14. LordTB, friends and family aside I don't think it's likely your buddy will get a lot of bike business unless he's situated a long way clear of the established 'bike strips' and prepared to promote it.

    He'd have difficulty stocking a big enough range to draw a crowd.
  15. IMO, tell him don't compete with the major stores in terms of selling leathers/helmets etc, but focus on accessories for riders such as colling/heating undergarments (anything temperature related) and possibly versatile mesh jackets. That way you don't stray to far from your core business, but still offer a specialist option for riders.

    Mayeb also focus on rider luggage/packpacks, and investigate options for touring with compact camping kits that can be fitted to touring/sportsbikes.
  16. Hmm well actualy there is no bike shops in the area... so in a way that is good... most of the customers are adventure sports people so I think a good stock of dirt bike gear would be good...
  17. Now that is a good idea... I'll pass that along to him...
  18. If the price is cheap enough people will go anywhere. The problem would be caring a range that is big enough to get people to come there in the first place however.