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Melbourne 7 News 6pm Monday 26/3/2012 – Fastest commuting method.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Ride Alot, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. This morning during sunrise there was a promo ad for the Monday night 6pm edition of Melbourne’s 7news about which method of commuting is fastest. The promo showed a train a car and a bicycle but no motorcycle.

    Can’t comment yet until I watch it tomorrow but I hope motorcycles were not excluded.
  2. Re: Melbourne 7 News 6pm Monday 26/3/2010 – Fastest commuting method.

    according to your title it is 2 years ago.
  3. Re: Melbourne 7 News 6pm Monday 26/3/2010 – Fastest commuting method.

    It's a conspiracy I tells ya... where's my tinfoil hat? Get the cats, they are the watchers of the state. Potato.
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  4. Re: Melbourne 7 News 6pm Monday 26/3/2010 – Fastest commuting method.

    Not my view buy there is a legal reason behind this...

    Why would they have a motorcycle???
    They'll see the time it takes to get from one point to another not taking into account getting a parking..
    Remember moto's are not allowed to filter so because legally they should sit in line with other cars so there would be no difference..

    If they'd include a moto filtering in the exercise then the plod, tac, etc would certainly protest or even ask to fine the moto used..

    Like I said not my view buy probably why they don't use a moto..

  5. Re: Melbourne 7 News 6pm Monday 26/3/2010 – Fastest commuting method.

    That's because the camera crew that shot the story back in 2010 are still making their way back to the studio along the Monash Freeway. They should be back any year now :) :) :)
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  6. Re: Melbourne 7 News 6pm Monday 26/3/2010 – Fastest commuting method.

    I'm with Joedelosa here. Bikes are meant to stay in line with cars, shouldn't filter to the front of the queue at lights, shouldn't filter at all and therefore don't gain any advantage in traffic over cars. God forbid if you'd had an ad that would show that bikes CAN ACTUALLY help with traffic congestion, can take up less space when using the road (or parking). ](*,)
  7. Re: Melbourne 7 News 6pm Monday 26/3/2010 – Fastest commuting method.

    Thanks smee. Sorry about the year. Hopefully one of the mods can please change it to 2012.
  8. Re: Melbourne 7 News 6pm Monday 26/3/2010 – Fastest commuting method.

    The Age did it previously with a scooter, which judging b the flogging it gave cars did lane split.

  9. Even further back they did a race from somewhere in the western suburbs to St Kilda. The rules for that one forbade any illegal activities - no filtering, splitting, bicycles had to stop at red lights etc.

    The car was a Porsche, the scooter was a 250 Vespa.

    Vespa was (as I remember) about 15 minutes quicker than the Porsche, the bicycle was 10 minutes behind that and public transport way way back.

    The Vespa was quicker because it was able to take advantage of any gaps in the traffic.

    If Channel 7 don't have a bike or a scooter, email them and ask why.
  10. 7news ran the story and disappointingly there was no motorcycle.

    The story was about the fastest method of transport from Glen Iris to the City. The contenders were a bicycle a car and a train. The car was the fastest with the bicycle second and the train last.

    Motorcycles are a legitimate form of transport for commuting and yet they were not represented.

    Poor form from 7news.
  11. A motorcycle may not have faired much better than a car if it wasn't allowed to split. But once splitting is legal it will be a no contest.
  12. Take a bike with you on the train and its a no brainer.
  13. That's good that you're such an optimist Grey.
    I hope that it serves you well, for my own sake. :)))

    Oh...and I'm sure you meant 'filtering', as compared to lane splitting.
    (nobody around here would ever do such a thing as lane split. That's a highly dangerous and utterly illegal activity)
  14. Interesting. I commute from Glen Iris to the city each day, and I've tried all of those plus motorcycle. To get in to the city the order for me is Motorbike, bike, car, train. These times are door to desk, so include things like parking, helmets on and off and so on.

    * On the bike 25 minutes
    * Bicycle I could do in 32 to 34 - but I wasn't hanging around.
    * Car is 35 to 40 minutes or so.
    * Train - anywhere from 50 to 80 minutes (only 5 or 6 stations from the loop).

    The biggest killer was always the variation. The bikes were consistent, and changes in traffic didn't make that much difference. that time (though the pushy was a little slower in summer when all the other riders came out). The car gets can change based on any accidents etc, but the real killer was the train. The delays and cancellations, and trains being too full get on even with a run up and the breakdowns made it all too erratic - I just couldn't predict when I was going to arrive. Switching to the bike removed one major source of stress and headache from my day...

  15. Unfortunately one can't take a bicycle on the train during peak times...so I was told sternly by work colleagues. Not sure if that's a rule/policy or just frowned upon.
  16. That was something they tried to introduce a couple of years back but was knocked back..
    You can use the last carriage...

    Most likely work colleagues only remember the media hype of the time and not the end result..
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  17. Thank you kindly. Might have to ride to work one day...when I get the chance to fix the pushy.
  18. I do it all the time when i take my bike to work so then I can do the return leg (33km) by bike.
  19. Cool :)...I am fixing up my pushy to ride to work for some distances (mainly to get to and from zone 1 areas...I'm a tight arse like that)...so good to know it is doable...probably still frowned upon I assume...
  20. The average Joe also doesn't have the capacity to ride a motorcycle or scooter.

    Getting a licence to ride is pretty prohibitive, the failure rate when I went for my learners back in 2005 was around 50%. Not sure what it is now, but AFAIK the learner's skill tests haven't been changed.