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Melbourne 1st time road biker...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Spudley, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all, just thought i'd pop my head in to say g'day!

    I'm a first time roadbiker from melbourne's east, I'm goin for my L's on the 20th and I've lined up to buy a Hyo GT250 for my first bike.
    I know the Hyo isn't the best and most powerfull bike, but honestly, I only need something til June when I head overseas.
    Oh, and my mate is selling his undropped, 05 black one to me for $3k with rwc and reg til may :D

    Anyway, I'll be cruising the forums learning everything I can before my L's test in anticipation. After then, I'm sure I'll have a few questions.

    Also, for anyone interested, my mates and I are looking at booking some accomodation down at the island in Feb for the SBK's, so if anyone's serious let me know and we might be able to put you up.

    Anyway, enough from me for now, cheers!
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    Hi Spudley welcome to NR good luck for the 20th
  3. All the best for the test :)
  4. Welcome to NR & All the best. (y)
  5. Good luck with the test Spudley, and welcome to NR. Heading OS permanently or just for holidays / work ?
  6. Hi Spudley and welcome to NR
  7. thanks for the kind words everyone!
    I took the bike i'm buying for a spin tonight (on private property, of course! ;) ), and after the rwc and req'd work it's like a whole new bike!
    clutch and brakes adjusted, new head stem bearings and grease, new grips, new heavier fork oil, new pirelli sport demon front tyre, and a tune up! oh, and the regular 5000rpm splutter has gone!
    really can't wait now!

    a bit of column "a", a bit of column "b" ;)

    going for a 12 month working holiday with my girlfriend, hoping it'll be a blast, ey!
  8. got a pic last night of the bike i'm buying, all stock except now the front indicators have been changed to much smaller ones (apparently the big originals weren't ADR approved but the smaller ones are?), and the rest as above for the RWC.
    Just waiting to get my L's, a pair of kevlar jeans, and the rest of the coin together for the bike and I'm set![​IMG]

    I'm thinking about painting the frame as well.. either black out the whole lot (inc engine side covers), or follow a theme of all black but red frame and other red highlights like anodised bolts, bar ends, etc...
    My riding gear is all black/grey/silver with black/white/red gloves and black/white/red boots.
  9. welcome spduley, enjoy the :) and good luck on the 20th
  10. PEW PEW! got my L's today so still getting the coin together for the bike, then it's two wheel time!
    Yesterday I got some cheap-ish kevlar jeans (not Draggin's), a 1 piece rain suit, and today I ordered my Shift Fuel boots. Can't wait to get on the bike!
  11. Well done on getting your learners Spud. Just remember mate, you never stop learning. I've been riding for a very long time and just recently did another HART course.
  12. Thanks for the advice SMV :)

    Oh, btw, I pick up the bike tonight so first thing on the agenda is to attend the sat L's ride this week :)