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Melbourne’s Today Tonight Channel 7- 6:30 tonight motorcycle story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Ride Alot, May 24, 2012.

  1. Just saw an ad for a motorcycle story on Today Tonight. It’s on at 6:30 tonight.

  2. its about undercover cops on non marked bikes with cameras

    every rider with a camera on their helmet is going to be viewed with suspicion now
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  3. Its on in nsw as well
  4. I like it and hate it at the same time. F’n QLD.
  5. It was just a story on undercover Cop bikes being used in qld. Non story.
  6. It did say on the story being used or rolled out in Victoria also surprise surprise ''
  7. generally always equals
    *if you have half a brain and not a bogan from hell, of course.
  8. good. less people to merge into me.
  9. There was a grey unmarked Sprint ST working over the Gold Coast hinterland a while back.
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  11. Is that a beige leather jacket?
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  12. What did you expect? He's on a Kwakasucka.
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    Lol. It's inspiring stuff isn't it. The glee with which the hidden cop spotted a infamous texter, then had the real cop swoop it. That's 2 expensive bikes, and 2 cops to pull someone over for texting.

    I resent texters coz it IS dangerous, but all the same...a lot of effort to knab one person.

    The funny thing is...if he was lit up on a proper cop bike, the texting would not have occurred. So no danger created.

    It's old but it's true. There is nothing like a visible police presence to make people behave.
    Of course, these days, the cops have deferred that (policing), to hiding so illegal behaviour might be encouraged. Ya get heaps more money that way!!

    It's pathetic and shameful! And pisses me off. As a little kid, I could go to the city, and was always told if I got into trouble, to go to the nearest corner for help by a policeman. I always felt safe knowing help and protection was near by.
    There's that police presence thing again...
  14. Expensive resources these police. Cant afford to waste them on some daft idea like making the community safer...
  15. what happened to dodgy lebanese builders, weight loss remedies, conmen, shopping tips, and warring bogan neighbors?
  16. One of the bonus' of living in Wagga is that we don't get Today Tonight.
  17. I agree with the visible presence being the bigger deterrent. If you regularly see cops on a particular bit of road you remember and tend to be more cautious (not that you have anything to be cautious about of course).
    The visibility thing is why I was thinking about getting a white bike and white helmet. Drivers might think I'm a cop and put their phone down while I'm around them (ended up with a blue bike).
  18. do they have these in NSW yet? when they get them itl be curtains for anyone wanting to ride the old road.