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MELB ZZ-R250 Purple 96 model, $2300 OBO

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. Ok, this is the missus bike, we bought about two years ago with 40K on it, it now has 67 XXXodd, always serviced on time, mainly used for commuting & some touring.

    It has been dormant for about the last 12 months due to our first child, but has just had a major service & overhaul which included:

    Brand new tyrers front & rear (Bridgestone BT45 Battlaxe)
    Brand new brake pads (sintered)
    Major service which included oil & filter, brake fluid change, cooling system flush & change, carbys cleaned & synced, air filter cleaned & reoiled, valve checked (still in spec), all cables lubed & checked, headstem bearings checked, fork oil replaced, (seals were fine). Probably more, I've jusr been chipping away at in my spare time...

    Chain & sporckets have about 2K klms on them, JT sprocket front & rear & an RK X-Ring chain (I think it's RK, will comfirm)

    The cam chain & tensioner was replaced about 14 months ago at the same time as a major service, since then it has only done about 5K klms, so most of this is overkill, but the point is: you will not need to spend a dollar on this machine for next 12 months!

    Apart from fuel, oil & rego, of course...

    Oil has always been changed every 3-6K klms, always with Castrol 4T, oil filter every second change, this bike has never missed a beat.

    You can easily tour on it, we did 10 days around tassie no worries.

    The bad: Cosmetically it is not 100%, there are some scratches on the fairings & some cracks as well: a few of the bolt holes in top fairing have cracks & one side fairng is cracked around the indicator mount.

    *EDIT*: Forgot to mention there is a broken bolt on the alternator cover due to to a blonde moment & an incorrectly set torque wrench when replacing a leaking gasket ](*,) I have another genuine bolt & gasket which will go with the bike, or I could have my arm twisted to do it before you collect the bike.

    It doesn't leak, but knowing it's there annoys me.

    I intended to fix these, but I'm out of time unfortunately :(

    There was some rust on the header pipes, but I have cleaned that up & painted them in flat black exhaust paint (you can't see the header pipes, just to stop any rust coming back) & the exhaust themselves had some melted plastic from some saddlebags that I have cleaned off, I am in the process of polishing them as we speak.

    Has had one little rest when the missus didn't put the sidestand down properly in a car park in tassie, bent clutch & gear lever was the only damage (apart from a couple of scratches) & both have been replaced.

    No recent pics as yet, still in pieces waiting for the issus to wash the farings, but here is one from a few months ago when we were thinking of selling it:

    Comes with a ventura rack & bag, not currently fitted as the rack has two broken mounts, but could easily be rewelded with a bit of pipe.

    I am asking $2300, I need this gone quickly, so I'm open to offers, but be reasonable: as I say, you will not need to spend a cent on this bike!

    I have tried to be as honest & accurate as I can with this, but I suggest you come & see the bike for yourself if possible, bike is currently in Yarraville, willing to travel to give you a look if need be. Rego till January 2011 (I think, will comfirm), will be supplied with a RWC.

    It's being sold for three reasons: The missus wants Ducati, I need some cash & it's not being used (plus, I get to buy a project bike with the leftovers!)

    Send me a PM if your interested, I will send you my number.

    Cheers, thanks for reading!
  2. from all ive read, good leaner bikes!

    my old man has the next step up (600) and its a hoot to ride!
  3. Looks like an excellent deal folks! The ZZR250 is a consummate all-rounder and I've retained mine long after my restrictions have ended.
  4. Yep, it's got to go, the price is below fair!
  5. Tentatively sold, pending RWC & the exchange of cash.
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