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[MELB]Young'uns, Old'ens, Nerds, Freaks - GO Karting Night

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Miss_dj, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Im organising a Go-Karting night for Sunday 7th May... :driver:

    Where: AUSCARTS - 50 Salmon St, Port Melbourne
    Time: 1:30pm
    Cost: 40 Laps - $40.00pp

    Who: Anyone thats up for some fun, fun, fun \:D/

    Check out: www.auscarts.com.au

    If more than 8 people are planning to attend, then a deposit of 50% needs to be paid in order to make the booking.
    They get really busy so going without booking is not an option...

    Also they have just re-done the whole track and it looks awesome! :applause:

    Also i thought after, we can maybe all go for a ride to Williamstown for an evening BBQ or something like that...

    Any other ideas, let me know

    Talk soon :p

    20 People confirmed so far: PAID:

    Miss Dj - Um Yes
    Kraven - PAID (Confirmed)
    Matt232 - PAID (Confirmed)
    Vic - PAID (Confirmed)
    Blade - PAID (Confirmed)
    [Stack Munkey - PAID x2(Confimed)
    Blue12 - PAID x2 (Confirmed)b]
    BanditR1 - PAID (Confirmed)
    ZeldaGirl - PAID (Confirmed)
    Cejay - PAID (Confirmed)
    Goosh - PAID (Confirmed)
    Mouth - PAID (Confirmed)
    Russell - PAID (Confirmed)
    TrickyD - PAID (Confirmed)
    Ronin11 - PAID (Confirmed)
    Caffeen - Maybe to the BBQ
    Fireblade - PAID (Confirmed)
    Eswen - PAID x2 (Confirmed)

    The "FEW" others to pay on the day:


    If this many people come, then we will need someone to put the deposit on their credit card :shock: I dont know who would be able to do this?
    Then get the cashola off everyone else.

    I spoke to Auscarts and they said that they cant do split deposits :mad:

    Any other suggestions?

    MUST arrive @ 1pm for a 1:30 start. (LATE ARRIVAL WILL RESULT IN REDUCED TRACK TIME!!!)
    MUST wear suitable footwear and comfortable clothing...
  2. Sounds good, please pencil me in for this, failing any unforseen occurrances I shall make it, thanks Jamie
  3. Ditto, pencil me in as well.
  4. im up for it :grin:
  5. Can you put me down for this Jamie, good idea for the BBQ afterwards as well :)
  6. Pick a time and we shall see
  7. *pulls on stringback gloves*

    I'll be in this! :grin:

    [Steve McQueen] Racing is life. Everything else is just waiting. [/Steve McQueen] :LOL:
  8. Umm have to do like what we did once before.... BYO Helmet with Handcam gaffered to it :grin:

    Sorry, I'm unavailable that weekend :(

    Have phun.

  9. this will be awesome FUN-- count me in :grin:
  10. I love go-karting! I'll be there :)
  11. When do you need an answer? Im not sure of other commitments just yet, but sounds like a lot of fun.

    Having tried a few tracks, have you considered Ace karts in sunshine?
    Although its outdoors (and thus weather sensitive) the track is alot bigger (700m vs 450m) and higher speed :driver: There is run off on the corners which prevents the hit-the-tyres-and-stop games that happen at Auskarts (at least last time I was there...)

    Last time I turned up on the bike I was a bit late, so I drove the kart in full leathers with the bike helmet - sure way to get a few looks and scare the kiddies!
  12. I know, i must say go-karting is some serious fun!
    I love it.

    It looks like we're going to have agreat turnout

    By the wany Andrew, i dont know about anyone else but Sunshine is a bit far isnt it?

    If thats the case, im much prefer faster karts but i guess we'll have to see what the majority wants.
    Thanks for the info!!! :wink:
  13. I'm there. Go-Karts are fun! :grin: :) :cool:
  14. count me in for sure!
  15. Acekarts is just off the western ring road - or you can zip down spencer st -> dynon rd -> droop st -> western hwy from the city... From memory ~15 min in the cage from the CBD, so its really not that far (although ill agree it feels like the middle of nowhere!).

    Im not the fussed (any excuse will do for me), just offering an alternative.

    FWIW ive done the "Monza" package a few years ago -

    ----CUT PASTE----
    Ideal for groups with 10 to 22 drivers
    Minimum 10 drivers Monday to Thursday, 12 drivers Friday to Sunday.
    20 minutes of racing per driver (approx 32 laps)
    Racing consists of:
    10 minute practice & qualifying session.
    10 minute final race.
    Fastest driver in the qualifying session will have pole position for the final race. Leading driver to cross finish line after 10 minutes in the final race is the winner. $50 per driver on Super Karts (9 HP)
    -----CUT PASTE----

    Worked well - from memory they give out hats for 3rd and 2nd, and a lil trophy for 1st :)

    Bit more bang for your buck (32 laps x 700m vs 40 laps x 450m) - the only thing to watch out for is RAIN :cry:
  16. Jamie, Can there be a list created in the first post to show the attendees (I want to know who these "freaks" are) :LOL:
  17. hahaha yeah me too!!!!

    Will do...

    P.S do ya miss me??? hehe
  18. Yes. Now stand still whilst I reload :LOL: (tm)
  19. Go karts sounds like fun to me :grin:
    count me in :cool:

    Hakin :wink:
  20. oh thanks Vic...

    I thought you loved me???? :(
    Wait so i can get my Kileshnakov so its fair ok?!?!?!