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[Melb] Young 'Uns Dinner, Thurs 23rd feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Discussions have been held on where to hold the first night! Thanks to everyone who PMed me with their enthusiastic responses :)

    We figured a relatively central area, but it will be held different places in future, to make allowances for those in outer burbs/west/south etc. Discussion will be done on where to hold future events.

    Plans are being made for a ride before or after future dinners, but the general conscientious is that we use this week to discuss what to do in the future, rides and where to hold future meals/coffees.

    Thursdays event:7.30 meet at "Automatic Cafe" at crown, on the promenade. Map: http://www.automaticcafe.com.au/map.jpg Motorcycles are allowed to be ridden and parked on the promenade, as long as you keep to walking pace or slower and give way to peds.

    If you want to grab my mobile number, shoot me a pm.

    Hope to see you there!

    Attendance list:

    Cosi (canclled)
    MattExa (cancelled)
  2. I'm there
  3. WEINER!!!!
  4. Sounds good to me. Sime Nuggent is palying at the Wesley Anne that night. Show starts at 9 so it might be a good follow on. :grin:
  5. Whats to old ??

    I am not 30, Im still in mid 20's (aka the middle range of 20's).
  6. Well so far we've got...

    Es - 18
    Kraven -21
    Cosi - 19
    Seany -28
    Me - 22

    So i think this is the 18-28's club so far... but by all means don't let a little thing like age stop you from coming. Just be sure to randomly insert words like 'yo dawg' and 'yih' into your sentences and you'll fit right in. :wink: :grin:
  7. Which station street? There are about 50 between my place and the city. :shock: :shock: :shock:
  8. Fairfield....See the map in Komas post
  9. What qualifies as a young 'un?? :shock:
    Whats with all the recent events being "young 'uns dinner" "girls night out", "girls only rides" blah blah blah.
    I thought Netrider was about CONNECTING RIDERS!!! :roll: not segregating us all into groups of age, sex, nationality etc!!
    Well its getting late for this OLDER non sexist fem to be out of bed, so on that note, good night to you all, sweet dreams!!!!
  10. Anyone under 140 qualifies. No-one is excluded. Even bolokes are welcom to girl rides as far as I'm aware. It's not about segregation Flipper, it's about providing a situation where newcommers will feel most comfortable then brainwashing them into comming along to all the other events. :grin:

    Hey Es/Koma, add eGiste to the list. :grin:
  11. Oh you young folks are so hip - i wish was young enough to go to the cafe and have latte and croissant :) Umm isnt that old folks activities? I mean old like mother in law old?

    Should meet at timezone, rock up in bike attire there and you guyz will rulez :)

    What time does everyone have to home? :)

  12. i'll say in... will be interesting to meet the crew!

    once we have a crew... we can bring ourselves in force to the friday coffee...

    we can have breakdance wars...

    *it's like that... and that's the way it is!* ahhhhhhh now that was a classic song!
  13. Leaving for a little holiday Thursday morning. :shock: But put me down for the next one.
  14. Hey Seany, you do realise that you are too old to be a young un.
    Young uns are between 18 and 25. :p
  15. sounds like fun
    ill try and make it...... im just hopeless with roads lol
    and get easily lost lol
  16. In fear of not being a young'un, I'll have to quickly get my ass there to relive my youth :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    IE I should be there :)
  17. Well I may not be young, but I'm certainly dumb, and last time I checked I was full of...

    Arr stuff it I can't do Thursdays anyway...
  18. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add
  19. Ya... im there!

    Next time if its ok, could we make the meet point in the City? Its central to more people and there is a 24 hour cafe on the corner of Swanston St and Little Collins St with heaps and heaps of room for bike parking out the front~

    :p Just a thought...

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.