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[Melb] - Yellow 2000 VTR250

Discussion in 'Archived' started by twisties, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. [Melb] - Yellow 2000 VTR250 - SOLD!

    Make: Honda
    Model: VTR250
    Year: 2000
    Kilometers: 39500 approx, will double check when i get a chance.
    Colour: Yellow
    Registration: Currently until April 29 '09. Will renew it if required.
    Location: Melton, Vic. West of melb
    Condition: Some light scratching on the tank from magnetic tank bag, little scratch on left rear which I guess must've been from some less than perfect manouvering in the garage. Otherwise good.
    Accessories: Smaller rear indicators as the previously mentioned garage manouvering removed one of the originals. And the tyres, Dunlop GPR-a10 (Brand new, just been scrubbed in).
    Price: $3,700 with rego until April 29 '10!

    Bike has served me well for learning/commuting and even handles freeway stints with ease. Very forgiving bike when you're learning to ride. Has just been serviced at Balls HPT in Sunshine and they fitted new rear brake pads and a set of Dunlop GPR-a10's. Only wear they have is from time spent scrubbing them in. Selling as I'm off my restrictions and have upgraded.

    Any questions i'm happy to answer and if you need any pics of anything, i can go snap some.



  2. This thing is taking up room in my garage. I went and renewed the rego so there's no worries for more than 12 months!

    $3700 peoples.
  3. This isn't the one Browny was going on about was it? :LOL:

    GLuck, looks pretty clean example of a great bike :)
  4. Lol, would that 'going on about' be a good or bad thing? :p

    And I don't think he's seen it, unless there's something he ain't telling me...
  5. Haha, nope, not that one :p
  6. lol just seen this...

    she didn't live in melton I don't think... haha
  7. I can pretend to be Random Girl for Brownyy's sake :p, but more to the point. BUY MY BIKE! :]
  8. depends if you hot and female... :LOL:

    Don't need a VTR thanks... (yet).
  9. Bike is SOLD. Mods, please delete, or mark as Sold.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.