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[Melb] Yea, tomorrow (Sat 8th April)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nearlyempty, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Thinking of heading up to Yea tomorrow, just for something to do.

    The rear tyre's on it's last legs, the bike needs a service and the forecast is showers so I'll be taking it fairly easy - more of a leisurely ride out, a cup of coffee and a leisurely ride back.

    I'll be going anyway (so long as the weather isn't too windy/ rainy), but just thought I'd post an invite in case one or two others were bored and fancied tagging along...
  2. Hi, I am keen, that is if my nice L plate on the back doesn't put you off, (please note i retain all of my 56km experience ) assuming this is fine, we can arrange a meeting point ?? Maybe outside crown or something? anyway please let us know either way.
  3. I'll see if the wife lets me go, but wouldn't mind tagging along...
  4. oggle, no worries mate, like I said I'll be taking it steady anyway - not looking to scratch or set any records. It'll be good to have a good old nose at the GT250R, I saw those at the bike show and thought they looked like interesting bikes. Crown could work (I think I can find that) whereabouts are you coming from?

    bart, put your foot down mate, be a man. Ah, but of course, you are only twelve...
  5. Ok guys, for anybody interested in coming along I'm planning on leaving my place at 10am.
    I live in the Eureka tower (the tallest building you can see) and will pull over into the layby near the BMW garage (turn off City Road at Southbank BMW as if heading for coffee and pull in to the first layby you see on your left - before the lights where the road heads underground to the casino car park).

    I'll log on again tomorrow morning just in case anybody else wants to come along and meet up elsewhere...

  6. OK, I got the day off. Not sure where you mean to meet though... Road goes underground?

    I'll be outside Southbank (City) BMW at 10.00 am. If that is the wrong spot, give me a call.


  7. Oggle, are you still coming?
  8. That'll do (maybe they'll even have a couple of K1200S's that they'll let us play with...)

    See you there.
  9. Bah, not dealing with them if I can help it, they're not real helpful.


    See you soon!
  10. Ed,

    Which route are you taking?

    I may catch up to you on the way.

  11. Up Plenty Road through Kinglake, Whittlesea and Flowerdale.

    Can meet on Plenty Road if you like??
  12. Plenty Road.... Is that where Steve, You and I met at the Maccas last time?

  13. Yeah, I think so.
    Can you remember where it is?
  14. Yeah,

    Ill find it. Ill be at the Maccas.

    Mobile is 0403 049 749.

    See you there about 10.30ish.

  15. No worries, see you there.
    I think the MacDonalds is near where the dual carriageway ends (near to Centenary Drive), my mobile is 0421 510 757.
  16. Well the rain and wind didn't scare Myself, Nearlyempty & Bart away today.

    It drizzled, it blew a bloody gale, but was a great ride.

    Mill Park > Whittlesea > Yea (Stopped @ Marmelaides for Coffee :) )

    then Yea > Toolangi > Healsville > Yarra Glen > Christmas Hills > Kangaroo Ground > Warrandyte > Home.

    Was good fun, and the roads were reasonably quiet.

    No Accidents... but, I did get home to find that I had locked myself out!

    So I have been sitting on the step playing Bounce on my phone for 2 1/2 hrs waiting for someone to come home!

    Thanks again to Ed for organising us to get out of bed! :p

  17. That would make this an unsuccessful ride by Netrider standards. Sorry for letting the side down everybody.

    Yeah, good fun, thanks for the company guys.

    Nice bike Greg, do try to keep this one rubber side down :LOL:
  18. What can I say, great day, even if the radio reception in Yea is below par...

  19. Sorry Guys i could not make it !!!!!, :( :( , ,, I got out of bed, an got myself all ready, had to go grab a cleaning cloth of some sort for my visor, anyway headed to Staint Kilda Gas Station, (about 4 mins away) going down the beach road and nearly got blown off the road. Being an absolute beginner and hate to hold you all up, it was better for me to get used to it all before heading out on a big one,, But its sounds like you all had a great time anyway.. Give us a month or so and i will Be Right there with you all.