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[Melb] Yamaha Open Day Dec 3rd & 4th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by voyager, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/hot_news/index.htm?news_detail.asp
    Official Site Link

    Netrider Calendar Entry

    9am onwards, Waterfront Piazza, Docklands.

    Free public entry, or register for the dinner and goodies for the Saturday.

    I'm looking at going along on the Sunday (free, of course), so if more people are interested, then why not hook up as a group. Should be a good day out.
  2. This looks like fun. If I take my SR over to the Yamaha musical instruments display, will they tune it for me? Although I enjoy fiddling with it my skills are quite bass-ic.
  3. With the BBQ on the Saturday, it looks like that will be a weekend of motorcycle mayhem. :D :D :D
  4. Yeah. Great, isn't it? :p
  5. Will they let us take some of their bikes for a spin along Footscray Rd? I know it's not the most exciting road on the planet but hey, a free ride on a bike is always fun. :)
  6. I will certainly be pencilling it down in my diary :D
  7. My plan is to pop in there on Saturday morning at 9-ish before the NR BBQ. :D
  8. Here's a pic of a cunning stunt on a PeeWee 50.



    Just started using Myspace at MSN. Not entirely sure of how to go directly to the pic.
  9. Missed this post but some-one from work told me about it last week ( Yes i know , but i never look in the events calander) plus i dont need to now as it gets sent to my e-mail . I was all excited untill he told me it was a yamaha celerbration :p
  10. It was nice to catch up with Stevie Reeeeves. He did a great job putting the show together and running the Tribe. :D
  11. its was a great day-- a little windy so the motox team could not do some of their stunt routine but overall i LUV yamahas ----- they rock!!!!