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[Melb] WSBK on Foxtel this sat night

Discussion in 'VIC' started by VTRBob, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Hey all ,
    Since myself and Nadeen have had to pull out of the Halls Gap run at the last minute, we are putting out an invite to anyone that wants to watch the WSBK's on foxtel at 7.30 tmw night (sat)

    I went out and splurged on Wed and now have a huge 42inch plasma screen with full surround sound sitting in the lounge just waitng to be cranked up :twisted:

    Anyone interested just let me know and i'll pm you the full addy ( BERWICK )

    and once i get numbers i'll work out the munchies etc ..... BYO if yah want to drink ..... we have one spare queen bed and a few couches for any ... um....... Drunks that over indulge during the race :twisted:
  2. 1st in with a shite yeah = PNUT :LOL:
  3. Ooooo you little beauty.

    Can I get your number Bob? Will have to confirm plans.
  4. So PNUT is piking on Daves birthday drinks at HQ? :cry:
  5. Never said he was going to be there if he recalls? :grin:
  6. Ahhh yes he did, I think the words were something along the lines of "Pommy boy and me will be there on saturday night, is Fye going to be there cause we have drunk the 1st slab she owed us" :p
  7. That isn't we are coming..that's hypothetically speaking. Where's J when ya need a post deleted :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Don't stress Debs, so you only have 29 people coming and not 30 :p .

    A plasma and bike racing is a strong lure but I gotta go celebrate Geordielass' B'day. I've been promised much clevage and the right to judge all that appears :grin: . It's a tough job but someone has to do it... :LOL:
  9. Cleavage; mmm. I'll see you there... :cool:
  10. picsorban.

    we expect alot of photos of the event(the birtthday of course.. not the clevage... ahh shit, who am i kidding) for us all to see :D:D:D
  11. "Well yes, I agree it certainly IS cleft in twain. But you're still out of the running Vic."
  12. Don't forget the 2005 roundup that goes for 3.5hours before that. Start's at 1600hrs.
  13. yep I add that bit in my pm's to those that have pm'd me for my addy :p

    im just about to go up to the bottle shop to get some..... um.. soft drinks and chips etc

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  14. Dayum, can anybody tape this for me?
  15. Yeah can someone tape it and drop it off to HQ tonight so the rest of us can watch it :grin:
  16. WHAT




    Huge thanks to Rob and Nadeen, our gracious hosts with the most inches in town. Inches of plasma, that is - gleaming, brand-new, wall to wall plasma for Superbike viewing pleasure. A screen so large you could clearly see the blood vessels in Bayliss's eyes popping one by one in that last lap of the second race.

    And wasn't the racing awesome? Both races went down to the wire, lead changing 4 or 5 times in the final lap and with a couple of heart stopping moments. Bayliss survived his plastic-scraping assassination attempt on Corser, Haga took out Kagayama with a balltearing inside hook through the hairpin to give Toseland his first win. MENTAL stuff. This is gonna be a MONSTER season!

    Thanks guys, so glad we got to see that! WOO!

    /I'm excited.
  17. Racing was awesome. Talented riders and it looks like all the top riders have comparable bikes. Toseland on the Honda, Bayliss on the Ducati, Corser and Kagaijama on Suzukis and Haga and Pitt on the Yamahas. This is going to be the closest constructors championship in a long while. Doesn't look like Corser will have it all his own way like the start of last season. If you thought this weeks racing was good wait until they het the island next weekend. The weather is supposed to be 31-33 degrees, so all that are going, take your sunscreen.
  18. Does this show on free to air tv at all (during the week)
  19. I heard 10 were not showing the SuperBikes this season (except possibly some highlights packages).
  20. how awesome was that!! next weekend is gunna go off like a frog in a sock... brilliant racing.. and like was said, no one really seemed to have a big advantage ith their bike, so it all comes down to rider and conditions..

    the haga/kagaijama incident shitted me.. but i guess thats racing, all i could think of was if that if it was between rossi and gibernau how much more of a fuss would have been made..

    plus, in the first race i think toseland ruined corser with that knock too.. so it was a bit rough out there.. but great racing to watch none the less.