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[Melb] Witnessed Bus dropping diesel in CBD - Who to contact?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by brownyy, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hey all;

    Walking around the city at lunch time I witnessed a bus trailing a nice line of diesel up William Street at 1pm today. I got the rego and bus company - of which I won't post yet.

    I was wondering if there is anyone who should be contacted first.

    Do you think they deserve a punishment or a fine? Should they be made to get the bus RWC'd? Should the driver undergo some training on checking the fuel cap is on or something?? Or should the bus company just been called and told their bus is a POS leaking thing??

    Reason I ask is, if they are a slack bus company, they may (or may not) do something about that bus, and not give a **** about the rest - thus creating more hazards on the road - which to me deserves a punishment.

    Thoughts?? Advise??

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  3. Should have found a way to ignite it :D
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    OP edited, better?

    Now, about the diesel...?? Anyone?
  5. epa, council (as its a road hazard), police if your feeling like being told "we have better things to do", and Fire Brigade, depending upon the amount.
  6. Thera has all the bases covered
  7. By all means report it to the EPA but I'd also report it to the company.

    9 times out of 10 when this happens it's a mistake by the person fueling the bus and their work should be investigated.
  8. Depends on if it's a council or VicRoads maintained road.
  9. Definitely the EPA, the Bus Company - pointing out that it's not only dangerous to motorcyclists and cyclists but that they will be held liable in the event of a crash, especially now that they've been notified - along with the Council and VicRoads.

    A tactic used by the UK Motorcycle Action Group (when they knew who the perpetrator was) was to tape a notice on the nearest pole to the diesel spill stating who was responsible, that it had been reported and giving their contact details in the event that anyone crashed as a result.
  10. I wouldn't report it to the bus company first as that would give them time to quickly rectify the issue and deny it ever happened.

    Better to get in touch with epa like the others suggested and let them deal with it and get on their case.
  11. I would have thought them fixing the problem quickly would be a good outcome. Most likely it was an accident, do they need to be dragged over the coals that is the EPA?
  12. I played it with an open mind - if I got a professional and courteous response over the phone first up I decided I wouldn't involve the EPA.

    I called the company and a standard phone monkey answered - I told him I wanted to speak to a mantence manager or manager of some kind. I was advised they were all in a meeting and I was asked what the matter was. I explained a diesel spill and his tone changed dramatically grabbing details (never asked for rego), times, places etc etc. I was advised someone would return my call.

    Some time later in the day the call was returned, and gave him the details again and as soon as I mentioned the rego he mentioned a class or model of bus. "That's our xxxxxx series" as if to say its a problem. He said he'll get it looked at straight away and the driver queried. The guy was very professional so I trust he was serious. I explained my commuting and enjoyment of two wheels and he understood completely.

    At this stage I didn't see a need to involve the EPA.
  13. For me, involving the EPA would be more important for the stupid logging trucks that constantly drop diesel on the black spur - they are known for it.
  14. Depends on which way the OP wants to go about doing things.

    If you call the company direct and tell them they may say wtfru and fob you off or acknowledge the issue and fix
    If you call epa then they have no choice but to fix.
  15. I am the OP
  16. You want me to edit my post and replace OP with brownyy?
  17. Resmen, knowing some people in the bus industry through my schooling and also a very good friend who owns a bus company let me tell you they do take these issues very seriously and do not fob off the caller because as soon as the EPA gets involved it can get very expensive for the company, and they cannot afford or want the associated headaches a statutory government body entails
  18. I agree smee. At the end of the day it all depends on the size of the company and how serious they take these issues.
  19. Nah it just sounded as if you replied to my "called the bus company" post as a different post sorta - like you were referring to something else.

    Ignore me - a lot of people are finding that easier! :D
  20. Nah all is good I was replying to somebody elses post.