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[Melb] Where to buy best value, cheapest 4-stroke oil?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ojay, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. I've no doubt there's been a lot of discussion around this subject but I have one focus: servicing on an Austudy budget without endangering the longevity of an already very high kay, '06 watercooled twin.

    Anyone recommend an affordable semi?

    I used to use Duckhams but that was when Hawkey was in office...
  2. You need to consider the minimum grade level of the oil that the manufacturer recommends for your model, and then find the cheapest oil in that grade, not just the cheapest outright. By grade I mean the API rating such as SH, SJ....SN.
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  3. I just purchased 10 litres of Penrite HPR Diesel 10, 10w-40. Suitable for 4 stroke motorcycles with wet clutches. $77 for 10litres at Supercheap auto , today!
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  4. That's an awesome price!
    Unfortunately I'm not really in a position to be squirelling away so much excess and would be better buying a smaller amount of mainstream semi at a few bucks less...
    ...unless you're willing to sell on a few litres..?
  5. Indeed. The question is.. what would that be?

    The bike's an SV650 so it's 10/40 and would prefer to stick to a semi just because I tend to stretch things between services but am willing to be swayed by a good argument...
  6. You can get 5 litres of the Penrite HPR Diesel (JASO MA) for ~$40
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  7. Ok I'm in.

    Where do I find it for that price?
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  8. Mate, I owe you a beer!
  9. Bugger.
    Deal ended today :mad:
  10. deal ended today, BUT (as I did half an hour ago, and have done before), you can buy it online NOW, and pick up in a few days time from your local store ;)
    as long as you pay for it online by midnight, you can still get same price

    I got the HPR10 version in 10L bottle for $72ish
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  11. Indeed you can and I did just 20 minutes ago :)
    Thanks for your input, had I not played around and fretted on it you would've saved me the trouble!
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  12. This is a good question I would like to enquire more about. Do you guys run the same oil that you run in cars on your bikes as well? For example I run 10w50 penrite or 15w40 on my car and currently on my bike 10w40 motul 5100. I've always had this thing running in my mind if the same oils can be interchanged and saves me time and money buying different oils.
  13. short answer no, long answer maybe.. depends on the additives
  14. Hmmm thanks for the response. Yeah prolly would depend on it. Does anyone here run car engine oils in their bikes for the long run?
  15. Some of the penrite range is compatible with both cars and motorcycles. Have a look at http://www.penriteoil.com.au/products-categ.php?id_categ=7&id_subcateg=101 under the heading 'Motor Cycle & Passenger Car Compatible Oils'. I'm not going to weigh in on what the best oil is for your bike though....
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  16. Thanks for the link. Looks like I might change back to the penrite range since there's a range where they both work for bikes and cars which suits my usage. Thank you for the link again.
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