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(Melb) Western Suburbs Coffee Poll

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Scumbag, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Werribee, Cafe Aroma

  2. Williamstown, Groove Lounge

    0 vote(s)
  3. Werribee, somewhere

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  4. Williamstown, somewhere

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  1. Ok, I have been reliably informed I am to make the choice of venue for Western Suburbs coffee. I have decided to make a poll of it and the let masses decide.
    Suggestions that are cont constructive will be used as toilet paper.
    This poll is running for 6 days and I will update it on Sunday before the Westside is on again.

    Sgt Scumbag
  2. Out of interest, what night is it on?

    /Also, sorry about Sunday, I slept past Glitch's ride and then yours too! :LOL:
  3. Monday is still the night it will be held.
    Is all good Loz I thought you might miss it after the sms you sent me.

  4. Monday Night -----------------
  5. I like the idea of it being in Werribee as its close to me :grin: This means I might be able to get out occasionaly as I'm old and can't stay up late.
  6. port.. i just went to the one at willitown.. its not so bad a ride out there.. quite ya bitchin..

    im all for the idea of maybe having one at willi, next week in werribee.. keep everyone happy that way..
    if that is decided against.. i vote for w'bee cause its closer haha.
  7. Ringwood east?
    Carrum Downs??

    A real bunch of westies! LOL.

    edit: Oops, just found out where Tarneit is. My apologies.
  8. willys the go , acessable from most areas .
    and away from the shit farm too in summer :wink: :LOL:
  9. Shhh. Don't tell Vic. They've moved Tarneit away from Werribee but it's a secret.

    An' doan choo be dissin' our honorary (or is that ornery?) Westies.
  10. Free Willy :)

    Groove lounge is cool but might suffer if the group grows... and it should grow... it's a great bunch!

    Somewhere in Willy is my vote - it just has a better vibe...

    [however, Werribee is fine too...]
  11. When teh decision is made, drop me a PM so I can update the 'official' Monday night coffee thread.
  12. I don't mind - my place is equidistant from both. As long as someone has a word with the folk at Aroma - they've been good to us and I'd hate to pi55 them off (coz I might want to go there for dinner)
  13. wat about bacchus marsh???
  14. Isn't that a suburb of Adelaide? :grin:
  15. hahahaha

  16. Thanks for volunteering. :LOL:
  17. Which way did you go?
  18. Williamstown would make a nice change. Cafe Aroma is ok but the views at Williamstown are better.
  19. I like it being in Willy!
    I think the coffee is great at The Groove Lounge, but their service lately sux....it may improve tho'
    The Docks also does good coffee and has a huge outside area to watch the passing parade..
    Anywhere along Nelson Place would be good..:)
  20. 19 Votes!!

    I don't think we have had 19 people to Westsiede Coffee before. We have even had a person who has never shown up before requesting coffee in Bacchus Marsh (Great name for a wrestler that) :wink:

    This just goes to show you that democracy doesn't work.

    I vote for Stg Scumbag to rule us like a angry dicatator and send in the tanks and police with rubber hoses and tear gas.

    Or the Groove Lounge would be good enough. :)
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