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[MELB] Well, at least my feet and head are dry…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Scattered showers, my ass. :rofl:

    I enjoy riding in weather like this, in a twisted way
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  2. Yeah I'm soaked. 30 mins under the hand dryer in the loos for me
  3. Everything kinda came together for me today… I slept in a bit later than normal, so I decided I'd go to the gym after work instead of before. As a result, I had dry, clean clothes in my bag instead of sweaty gross ones :) Granted I'm now the guy sitting at his desk in a wrinkled tshirt and soccer shorts, but whatever. Look at all the craps I give.
  4. Kind of covering all bases !
  5. The pollen just adds insult to injury, I forgot to take a telfast.
  6. With this much rain I fail to see how there is going to be a lot of Pollen about.

    Also less than 1mm of rain ?
  7. You might be surprised. SOmetimes when it rains the pollen count is ridiculous and causes asthma attacks for people
  8. That was quite the poo storm last night, jaysus that thunder was loud.
  9. What time did it start? I went to sleep around 2230, got woken up by thunder at about 0530 and went back to sleep until 8. Normally I get up a few minutes after 6 for the gym, but…
  10. Was around 5.30 I think, massive crack of thunder woke me up. I'm in a big solid heritage building & the whole thing shook. Nearly soiled myself :s
  11. Your feet are dry? How?

    What boots do you have?
  12. Got totally drenched. I hate those Aldi rain pants.

    I always keep a few spare things at the work locker for days like today. :)
  13. My Aldi rain pants seem to work just fine in weather like this. Still dry underneath :)
  14. I have RJays Vector pants and they seem to keep the rain out beautifully.

    My only issue is that they're a bit small.
  15. Alpinestars SMX-5 Waterproof. Walked through puddles that were ankle deep, too.
  16. Yeah well my Gap loose fit jeans were drenched :p
  17. Yeah I remember that one. We used to get major thunderstorms several times per summer where I grew up, I almost felt like I was back home for a little bit, except for the "I don't have to worry about tornados" part I get here.
  18. I love storms, bit annoying overnight though, being woken at 5.30 when I only need to roll out of bed at 8am sucks.
  19. motodry plastic pants and daytona boots kept me dry this morning. Was worried about the boots as they are nearly at end of life and new ones are at home..

    In FTG we started getting thunder and lightning around 7:30 last night, not sure what time the rain started but it was much later than that.

    According to the forecast, looks like Melbournes riders wet weather gear will be tested well this week.
  20. I made the mistake of wearing my construction boots and did I pay for that school boy error. Had to ring out my socks as my boots are drenched right thru. :facepalm: