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[MELB] Weird Police Activity at Chirnside Park

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Riding home from work at 6.30pm this evening, as I approached the Bunnings at Chirnside Park there was a row (5 or 6) of police vehicles parked on the grass embankment, with the lane closed with witches hats. There was a van prior to this with a camera like device pointing towards (but not directly at) the oncoming traffic. At the traffic lights for the turn into Bunnings there was a police 4WD on the median with its lights flashing and a car in front of it. There was no obvious police activity.

    I've seen this once before in Forest Hill with a van with the same device and 3 or 4 police vehicles immediately in the vicinity. Whatever was happening wasn't discreet and was nothing like an RBT or even random vehicle inspection. Any ideas?
  2. at a guess, could be automated scanning of number-plates to look for stolen vehicles?
  3. Sounds alot like the technology they have up in NSW, some sort of plate recognition gizmo that is linked into the Vic Roads data base, tells them if you have outstanding fines/warrants and if the vehicle is registered. Then they nab you further up the road.
  4. I understood ANPR to not require that much support. Certainly it wasn't discreet. In the UK this equipment lives in every police car and is just another one of their sneaky little tools. Mmmm :-k
  5. Wow - they can do that???

    :mad: Bloody technology... :evil:
  6. And more :shock:
  7. Cejay, they are scrutinizing your riding skills, or lack of.

    The whole world wants to know why you couldn't beat Steve, at Winton, last Sunday.
  8. Was the camera mounted on a pole above the van? Was there evidence of an accident having taken place sometime earlier? Might have been the Photogrammetry Unit taking pics of an accident scene. They have a special camera that can take Google street view type shots to give a 3D account of the scene for Court purposes.
  9. i live in chirnside and went past there on the way to work tonight and where your talking about there was two cars left just off the road? duno where the owners where?
    also in the last two weeks, on my way home from work at 6am...on random days, there has been a breatilizer set up just before you get to reading cinemas when heading towards lilydale.
    Last week a heli was flying over chirnside just doing circles, i went for a ride to see what i could find but found nothing.
  10. Me too. :)

    Tyres were from HH and were all over the place. I think both Steve and Marcus were at the track on Friday for free practice. Steve has always been quick, no problems with being beaten by someone who is quicker. Anyway, had a ball with the guy on the SXV450 in the last race :)

    Oh, and I suck too!

    There didn't seem to be any accident and the device outside the van was just outside the sliding door. The van was unmarked.
  11. Truth is Cliffy couldn't be bothered with the tears that would have ensued had he beaten the cry baby :rofl:

    Didn't he not talk to his own son for a week coz his son beat him???
  12. Yep, first trials in Victoria was on Hall Rd Carrum Downs earlier this year.
  13. Yup they sure can. I was looking after a mates car while he was overseas. Driving one night got pulled over and RBT'd. When I asked if I did anything wrong he said no - they ran the plates through the computer and the owner of the vehicle (being my mate) licence had expired and they actually thought they were pulling him over. So if you're risking driving a car with no licence drive drive someone's car who has a valid licence.

  14. :twisted: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Mark, #307 by any chance?
  16. I think so, it was fun!
  17. Sounds like testing of the plate recognition camera. It 'checks' the plate of EVERY vehicle going past and it is linked to the Police and Vicroads database so automatically checks the rego status and whether the owner has a driver's licence or any outstanding warrants etc. This has been used a few times with some success already but I believe still in the testing phase and there are several contractors competing. Big Brother will be watching you soon, albeit some time after 1984.
  18. It could well be, but ANPR has been used in the UK for sometime now and doesn't need that much support. Good use of police resources.
  19. te funny thing with the UK is you can get your own number plates made up, I had one that 'left' me in Berlin, the Uk version of Vicroads said wait three weeks while i have a new one made.. yeah for computers and printers..
  20. It could have been radar gun training? I remember seeing this type of thing on FerntreeGully Road years back. They had a radar gun on a tripod showing the newbie po po how to raise revenue.