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[Melb] Weekday Rides

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Black Betty, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. We're off again - company as usual, most welcome.

    *Please check latest post for time/place & route
  2. Sounds good. More details plz...
  3. Ill be in that !
  4. Cool - this is what I was planning - suggestions welcome:

    Meet 10am Mt Evelyn servo (top of York Rd)

    Out thro' Wandin, Yellingbo, Co ck at oo, Upper Packenham, Gembrooke
    across to Launching Place, thro' Don Valley to Healesville
    Up Chum Creek Rd - down Myers Creek Rd back to Healesville
    then Up Black Spur to Lake Mtn, back to Maryvsille for food/drink
    Discuss return trip - depending on time

    Cheers, D.
  5. Hi Black Betty,

    This sounds like just what I need. Can I come and play too? I'm a mediocre and cautious rider so will just tag along behind. :grin:

  6. And I'm on a 250 - am sure you'll keep the pace :p :grin:
    will be abiding by the speed zones - don't want to loose any more of those d points :(
  7. sounds good... where do we start from and what time?
  8. Waaaaaaaaa I wannaa come!! :( :cry: :cry:

    I've got no days off up my sleeve and a brand spanking 2 hour old pilot power on the rear that needs scrubbing in....


    [What's the smiley for mega frustrated?!?!] :mad:
  9. Put me down as a maybe. Depends on how late I get to sleep :eek:
  10. sorry, cant make it. Would have loved to though...
  11. Sorry cant make it. Just got home from emergency dept at Frankston..

    Another oopsie with the knife :shock: :shock:
  12. Jeeeezzzuzz .. what are you doing mate ?!?!?!? Lose anything this time?
    Time to pass them in and use a hose instead? :)
  13. Dean! I hope it wasn't an excuse to get out of anything Valentiney? :p
  14. I'd be cutting into that face as well If I were you. :p
  15. Nice gloves BB :grin:

    Great ride - thanks for inviting us along. best darn ride down the spur Ive ever had -NO vehicles in front of me (I must be going too slow) .. looking forward to the next mid-weeker.

  16. Thanks for joining me guys - was a pleasure to have company. Beaut day & great ride all the way up the top & back down again. And NO CARS on the spur - whoopy - gotta love that :grin: :grin: :grin: - the new gloves did good too :)
  17. Yeah thanks BB for organising the ride it was great to meet you and Zazen, cool ride my first on the black spur :grin: cant wait for the next ride. :) Pete
  18. Dont U guys have a job to go to
  19. I wouldn't mind going for a ride today but I've already taken too many sick (of work) days :)
  20. Youre just jealous Kishy :p