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[Melb] Wed Spanner Night #5: Chain and Sprockets (Tarneit)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Righto.

    This week we get back into the good stuff with chain and sprocket replacements. A hundred bucks of labour at a mechanic's, but it's something most anyone can do without too many hassles, and believe me when I say that a new chain and sprockets will make your bike feel absolutely fantastic - tight, smooth, just like a bought one.


    We'll remove and inspect an old chain, replace front and rear sprockets, put a new chain on and adjust it correctly. This is a fun job that involves angle grinders. Don't miss it!

    Project bikes:
    We have two primary project bikes: Kamm's and SNaughtin's, provided they get the bits together by Wed night. If anyone else needs their chain and sprockets done, let me know. If you want to learn how to adjust your chain (or even just work out when it needs adjusting), this is the workshop for you.

    Tools and materials:
    Chain and sprockets (duh), angle grinder, chain breaker/riveter. Kamm and Snaughtin, please get in touch with me to make sure there's no funnybugger tools you'll need to get your sprockets or axle nuts off.

    As usual, venue is TBA. Anyone want to volunteer?

  2. You can do my chain and sprockets if you want to pay for them :twisted: ... lol
    Either way, hopefully my g/f won't whine too much and I can come. I need to learn to adjust my chain properly. :)
  3. I'll be there :)

    I have stewy's chain riveter, and race stand, dont have an angle grinder tho. :)

    I've done this with stewy before, so can lend a good hand too.
  4. you don't need a angle grinder though, the riveter, is also a chain breaker :wink:
  5. The grinder is more fun.
  6. yep great fun if your doing it, no way i would let loz or any of you other clowns near my bike with one though :p
  7. My bike? Take a swing, you'd do a thousand dollars' worth of improvements.
  8. I have a grinder, if you need it, bloke. No good for boobies.
  9. d*mnation - sounds like fun - I had fun doing the chain on the bicycle

  10. Spanner Night #5

    Wouldn't mind someone showing me how to clean, lube and adjust my chain. There's a possibility that I could host your night... but need to clarify with the neighbours. Will confirm that tomorrow.. does everyone mind coming to downtown Altona North?

    Garage would be okay for one.. squeezy for two.. is that sufficient room?
  11. Altona North is fine by me, as long as i can arive 6:30ish, as i'm not going home then back across the city ;) (and i have the chain riviter ;)

    That sounds like enough room for people to have a look at whats going on.

    Do we have word on what bikes are being done, or have people been slack? ;)
  12. It doesn't sound like enough room to me, there's usually 5 or 6 people milling around a bike at any one time, and there needs to be somewhere to hide if it rains.

    As for the project bikes, my last advice from the two project bike guys was that one couldn't find a sprocket for his RS250 and the other couldn't afford a chain but has sprockets... More as it comes to hand.
  13. hey loz, what about instead fo every week, having a work shop, why not throw in a carpark session night, where it's just braking, and u turns, etc....maybe might help space out the projects, or at least until someone has something they need help with.

    Anyway just an idea
  14. I can only take about 3 people max for a carpark session before it all gets too chaotic or I can't give everyone the attention they need. The last properly organised mentor session we held had something like 60 riders and 12 'mentors.'

    Then there's the matter of location... I dunno, starts looking like more organisation than finding spanner projects...
  15. these look like a great idea and im bummed i missed the carby sync one
    this one isnt much use to me as my bike is shaft drive but ya never know
  16. Stewy ... there is always heaps of things to do/learn at spanner nights. Such as next week we may be doing my head stem bearing ... if all goes well ...
    If you want to do a carpark session, then why not post it up in the ride/event planner and see if anyone wants to.
  17. it's not for me, i just know loz is trying to make this interesting and hands on, but just seemed like there was a bit of gap with a those that need stuff done whether that be short on cash, can't get parts, thought it might just help fill one week. Keep interest up etc....
  18. If Tarneit isn't too far for people and we can keep the revving of bikes whilst in the garage to a minimum (sleeping children after 8pm) I can supply three quarters of a double garage plus plenty of parking.
  19. I'm prob going, just to watch and say hi to peeps.
  20. Tarneit is good for me! :grin: