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[Melb] Wed Spanner Night #4: Minor Service?

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by booga, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Where/When:
    Wednesday 26/3, at Booga's Place, Mitcham (PM me for address).

    Minor service? on Loz's Green Steed (the Minja)

    Special tools: Oil filter, oil, coolant, oil filer removal tool, oil catch pan...

    So... Anybody want to put their bike up for new sprokets and chain for next time?

  2. What about tyre fitting?
  3. What do you have in mind J O?
  4. where are the spanner nights held??
  5. Sure, sounds ok, you know someone needing new tyres?

    Also last time I tried this it was a failure, so will need your expertise again Johnny :)

    Its usually at someones place (depending whos volunteering), and wont be decided till closer to the day. :)
  6. I'd definitely be up for a new sprocket and chain.
    I have a Suzuki GSX250F Across and I was told I could change the sprocket down one notch to give me better acceleration, I was going to do it in the next few weeks but it would be great to learn it myself so hopefully I could change it back if I don't like it.

    How much does a new sprocket and chain cost?

    Unfortunately my house isn't suitable at all to host the night.
  7. Hey SNaughtin,

    That sounds great, chains and sprokets range widely in prices depending on quality, and i'm only guessing by what prices were given to me recently for an older bike, but in total should be between $150 and $300 for all 3 components.

    See if you can get to a local dealer and get some prices, or just buy them, and if we run out of time for this week, i'm sure we can make it next week :)

    And dont worry about the venue, we'll sort that one out :)

    Loz: if its an accross we're dealing with, you could check out what tools we'll need from cheng's bike :) (when you get back from your mud-fest ;) )
  8. I can supply a volunteer bike which you can demonstrate routine chain maintenance on if you like. Unfortunately if it needs a new chain and sprocket won't be able to get them by Wednesday.

    Or I can bring a proper bike and show people the advantage of not having to do chain maintenance by changing the oil in my diff? :LOL:

    And I have no idea how to change a tyre so would be happy to see that. Either way count me in.
  9. Cool, well seems like we'll have to make the chain and sprokets next week then, and either tyre fitting, or general maintenance it will be :)

    Unfortuntely this weekend has stuffed people up on times and going away, so not many people looking at this, or to get things done...
  10. Let's see if we get a few more responses once people are back home tonight. I think the spanner night concept is a pretty popular one and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more hands pop up.

    I think one of the difficulties though is what level to pitch it at. It's not clear exactly what level of expertise people have and whether we should be showing simple jobs like routine maintenance or more complex stuff.

    We neeed more people to give us a list of things they want to do.
  11. Have you covered basic servicing and routine checks?

    Does everyone know exactly what they should be checking and adjusting regularly? inc oil changes and cable lubing, chain adjusting etc?
  12. Well no... not yet anyways...

    I dont think that all people do know what should be checked, or serviced at regular intervals.

    We will be covering a general service, but everyone keeps changing their oil every week so we dont actually cover it in its entirity...
  13. I'll go in tomorrow morning so i can find out much it will cost for the sprocket and chain. Could someone tell me a little more specifically what I would need to ask for? Any suggestions for where I should go? (Elizabeth street area is easiest for me, or western suburbs) I don't get paid until Wednesday night so I think i'll have to delay it until next week or even the week after depending on how much it will cost.
  14. Do I need to change the chain as well when I change the sprocket?

    From what I can see, this is the more expensive part for this and I dont think I need a new chain right now.
  15. Snaughty, you don't need to do the chain if you're just changing the gearing. And I'd go up more than one tooth on the rear - or even drop the front by one as well - if you want to notice any real improvement in acceleration.

    Be aware though that you will carry more revs to maintain a speed with a downgeared bike, and it'll chew more fuel as a result.

    A sprocket change is a 15 minute job, what else are we looking at? Tyre changes? Stewy, Booga and myself spent a good 2 hours wrestling to get hoops on and off the rims of his R6, we could sure do with some tips on that... Has anyone got a set of tyres they need changed?
  16. If you wanna gimme a pair of those stickies, i'm sure i can lend my wheels ;) :-w :LOL:
  17. My bike needs a new rear tyre...

    You really need to use one of those.... old... tyre.... majigo thingys.... that... gets the tyre on and off.....

    I can't remember the name of one.... But you really need one of those, or like Loz said, you can spend hours trying to wrestle the buggers on and off.....
  18. if you guys do the tyre change i will be coming......farking picked up a nail saturday (easter weekend) when on tour.....bike shop bent me over and screwed my sidewards on the price for a incorrect size and shit tyre, because they were the only ones with a tyre fitter working and we need to keep moving.....other shops had tyres but no fitter to do the job, so if this can be done without machines, this could be a real handy trick to know on the road
  19. Where is the location for the spanner night this week?
  20. Sorry Guy's I have too much on at home, I won't be able to offer any help with this weeks maintenance evening, hopefully will be able assist in the future though.