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[Melb] Wed Spanner Night #3: Brake Bleeding (Rowville)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Where/When:
    Wednesday 19/3, at Quik_Blat's place in Rowville.

    Here's something everybody should know how to do as part of your regular bike maintenance. If you've never done it, chances are you'll need it!

    Most brakelines slowly absorb air through the rubber hoses between your master cylinder and brake calipers (this is not a problem if you have steel braided lines). When a bit of air gets in, the hydraulic brake system becomes compromised, because while brake fluid can't compress under pressure, air can. So your brake lever starts to feel "spongy" - and you have to bring the lever in further to the bar to attain maximum stopping power. We'll explain more on the night.

    Bleeding your brake lines gets all the air bubbles out, and restores your brake system to proper function. It's also a good excuse to change old brake fluid that might not be performing all that well.

    Because this is a pretty quick job, I reckon we can probably bleed the brakes of anyone who needs it on the night - as long as they bring a couple of bucks to throw in to help pay for the brake fluid. Once we demonstrate how to do it, you can then do your own bike with the help of others - and you'll know how your brakes SHOULD feel, so you'll know when your lines need bleeding again.

    Special tools: Brake fluid, spanners, screwdrivers and that's about it! Edit: Ahem, yes, clear plastic bleeding tube. Thanks Rob ya smartarse. ;)

    So... Anybody want to put their hand up to offer their place as a venue?
  2. ...can I suggest some tight fitting clear tube/hose to direct the brake fluid away from wheels and tyres and into a glass bottle??

    Good topic mate. Wouldn't take much effort to expand topic to discuss pad replacement as well.


    Any idea of the suburb for the venue?
  3. Where do you live Rob? ;) :LOL:

    As discussed Loz, I'll be there, unfortunatly not at my place this week... :)
  4. In a house. :LOL:

    Until the garage is devoid of stored items, my place is not a goer.
  5. OK so we've established that it's not at Rob's or Booga's - I wanna keep them fairly rare at my place (and it's not the greatest venue anyway) so any other suggestions?
  6. Good idea Rob. If anyone thinks they might need to replace their brake pads, then go get some pads and we'll do that as well.
  7. If someone brought along a vernier you could expand it even further to checking rotor thickness.
  8. Yeah, why the heck not.
  9. Great subject loz, anyone who has never bled their brakes should go along to this!
  10. So you're bringing the verniers then? :p

    I vote not at your place tho ;)
  11. If we don't get a suitable venue by tomorrow morning, I might nag Seany to see if he'll host it again. There's also the possible option of a factory space in Bayswater thanks to Carver, but that might be a bit far out... We'll see how we go.
  12. Well I do have a nice digital vernier but I figured someone would at least have a cheap one lying around somewhere. Even one of the <10 buck plastic ones would probably be good enough for (cold ;)) brake rotors.

    What's wrong with here, I've even got some brakes (and a clutch) that need new fluid which I haven't got around to yet. You're just soft :p.
    Having said that my shed isn't exactly the neatest or most well organised place in the world - especially not with half a bike scattered around it :LOL:
  13. note: bayswater is only 5 - 10 mins from my place... only in the opposite direction from you ;) :p
  14. Jadey & I should be there, watched LilEd bleed my brakes on my old cibby bout a year ago but wouldn't mind going for a refresher and a chat... providing it's not too far away?
  15. Cossie has offered his place in Cranbourne... Not real close but plenty of garage space... What do people think?
  16. Not meaning to be nit picking -but you are far better off using a micrometer to measure brake disc thickness. Vernier calipers measure over too large a distance -about 50mm, giving false readings. Micrometers measure in a single spot about 8mm diameter. Thats all from me. Oh, and those one man brake bleeders are worth their weight in gold. Just use some vaseline to seal around the bleeder nipple to prevent air being drawn in past the threads.
  17. And micrometers, if used incorrectly, can indent the surface and produce a false reading too :p.
    Seriously if it gets to the point you need a micrometer to be sure the rotors are above minimum thickness it's probably about time to replace them anyway.
  18. Are noobs allowed to attend?

    Not that i have my bike back yet... but i am just wondering IF i do get it back, this would be a usefull night for me. And i could finally meet some of you nice folks :)

    I live in Anglesea, so no matter where it is in melb it will be a big hike for me.

    I got soccer at 10pm in Geelong, so would need to leave melbs at 8:30pm...
    Am i welcome, and would it be worth me coming???

    Cheers - Luke
  19. Fark me -how hard are you swinging on the mike to indent the disk surface? :shock: :shock: :shock: Remind me never to lend you my micrometers :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Cranbourne is a little bit far for me to travel.If it is in cranbourne I might give this one a miss. :(