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[Melb] Wed coffee/spanner night #2: clutch replacement

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Admins: Seems I've missed the fecken calendar again... Blah

    This week it's clutches people. I've got a CBR250 with a slipping clutch. Even with the cable properly adjusted, the clutch doesn't grab with any bite. This is bad for quick takeoffs, and it won't wheelie. We can't be having that.

    Location is Seany's Place. PM Seany if you'd like to come, and he'll send you the address.

    Our project bike this week is a CBR250. We'll be dropping the oil, popping the clutch cover off, taking the clutch to bits and replacing the clutch plates. You'll get to see exactly how a clutch works (they're very easy to understand), as well as how to do an oil change and deal with gaskets.

    If there's anyone else out there who needs to replace their clutch plates, it's probably a good idea to have a couple of bikes going so more people can see and help out. PM me asap.

    Last week we managed to knock off a couple of small maintenance type jobs while the main project bikes were going. So if you want to learn how to change your oil, brake pads, simple things like that, please PM me and if you can get all the bits together, we can probably do a bit of that stuff too.

    Special tools:
    Gasket scrapers/razor blades, clutch plates, springs, a new gasket.
  2. I've just had a new clutch put in the little V, even though I don't need a new clutch yet, I am very interested in having a gander at how it all works.
  3. No need to replace 'em Loz, just pretend you're laying blackies everywhere with the mighty CB.
  4. I should be there :)
  5. Okay.. I so need to have a look as I'm curious... I'll try to be there, as a watcher, taking notes. :]
  6. Curious to see what's under a clutch housing but haven't had a need to pull one apart yet. If the location's easy enough to get to I'll be there (I'd be happy to host it at my place but I don't think anyone would show up :LOL:).
  7. Pulling a clutch apart is very instructive, it's one of those "Ahhhh, THAT's how it works" moments. Easy to understand and you can see it operating with the clutch cover off.

  8. That was me! I taught pads! :D

    I have a pretty firm understanding of how the clutch works but I'll come along again because it was fun.
  9. I'm interested!!

    Look forward to the A of the TBA :)

  10. I'm still not sure how I can get there (I can't ride and can't pillion) but considering I can't ride and I bl00dy miss it like crazy (I cried yesterday at the tram stop when a 1098S whizzed past :cry: ) I figured I should probably try and find something bike-related.
  11. It's F1 eve but I think you are close enough to me.

    PM me the address babeeeeee and I'll come and annoy you all.
  12. Thanks to everyone involved in last weeks lesson, I learnt a lot from the whiteboard session and got a lot of good tips about my bike from everyone else.

    I'm definatly up for this wednesdays session, If you could please PM me the address when its all organised.

    If you have trouble finding a house to host the night, I think an empty car park with lots of light might be suitable, the only problem we had on wednesday was a lack of space to move around, still worked out fine though.

    I'm looking forward to the next session.
  13. We have a venue people: Seany's place in Eaglemont. PMs will be sent when I have an exact address!
  14. Sounds good, Jadey and I will come along too and add to the annoyance of Vic and co :grin:

    Sounds like a good night to have a couple of beers and watch some bike stipping :bannanabutt:
  15. This being the easiest way for me to watch the procedure without getting off my arse and traveling somewhere. Kettle will be boiled and ready to go. :grin: PM myself or Loz for the address. :)

    Shelley is working on getting out of her shift that night so she should be here too. :)
  16. Looks like I'm the teacher again, Loz has double booked himself, no worries, you can expect tips on how to properly care for your clutch, how it works, how to repair it, how to adjust slipper clutches and low cost mods to improve your clutches action.

    Never worked on a CBR250 clutch before but once you've done one clutch, you've done them all.

    I think we will need some lead-lights and either a white board (with markers) or a black board (and chalk) if anyone has these articles that they could bring on the night, thanks.
  17. Might come for a gander if i get away from work early enough.. At least i know where i am going.. :grin:
  18. sweeet.

    if anyone has a bit of pipe to straighten out foot levers with, cld they bring that along too? turns out being able to find the rear brake lever has its advantages.
  19. Yes, sorry, turns out I'll be singing in Geelong on Wednesday night. I'm a drongo. I'll endeavor to get the bike and bits there on time.
  20. I'm perfectly happy to have the bike dropped off early Loz. Let me know what suits you and I'll secure it in the shed for you. :)

    Goldie, my experience is that a brake lever can be bent, but unfortunately only once. :( Bring it and your bike along anyway and we'll see what we can do, might be just a quick readjustment. :) Worst case scenario is that you bring a new lever and we fit it in less than four secs. :)