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Melb Wed 1st spanner night

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. I'll be holding a spanner night at my house in Tarneit / Hoppers Crossing this Wednesday night the 1st. We'll be covering a few basic tasks like oil / filters / chains / brakes and tyres.

    PM me for the address and any work you need carried out. For all the regulars, please PM me to let me know how many people to expect.

  2. just an idea -
    im unable to make this, would have liked to learn those things, maybe set a camera up? could than upload so we would have a few video tutorials? i think video would be easier than taking photos as you than have to write and explain each one, whereas a video is pretty self explanatory?
    just a thought as it would be really helpful for those like myself, wanting to make it but unable.
  3. Fair enough request - please do me a favor and search youtube to see if there's anything decent already uploaded. If not then I can record it.

    I'm planning on running another night like this late next month.
  4. Cant' make this one...

    Video is a good idea, though you'd need a day to film it all properly and get good viewing angles maybe we should setup a "mighty car mods" style of tute-video... and we'll need a couple of corney video presenters :LOL:
  5. damn I really wanted to go to something like this but I work wednesday nights :(

    Oh well maybe next time :)
  6. i should be able to get there... i'll confirm later tonight/tomorrow.

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  8. Hey James,
    Thanks heaps for tonight. My bike is running beautifully after the oil and filter change and the chain adjustment.
    Thank you for your knowledge, patience, and for providing the venue.
    Dan - Thanks for the entertainment.... as always.
    Paul - Lovely to meet you. Have to do a bike swap next time!
  9. Bugger - missed it (I work Wednesdays too)

    Keep us updated for another, would love Mon-Tues for me!
  10. yeah I am very keen on something like this. I gotta keep my eyes posted next time.
  11. Good to hear the bikes running better Brij. Now you know the tricks of the fairing, the next change will take half an hour.... although it may have also taken longer last night due to the shear amount of crap that we were all talking.

    Burninator, I only posted this up last minute. Keep your eye out in the vic events area.

    DarkHorse, sorry Mon - Tues are two nights it won't be for me personally. The next event will be a spanner day, possibly a Saturday after Easter.

    Thankfully we didn't record this event. As it was we were lucky there were no charges of sexual harassment... yet.

    Paul, nice to meet you and good to have an interesting chat. Keep an eye out for the spanner day and we can take care of the oil in that spiffy cat of yours.

    Sorry that you had to go home with dirty pants Dan, but surely you're used to it by now?
  12. Thanks for last night guys definately what I need to get started. Will keep an eye out for the next one for sure. I might even see you all on thr road. :grin:
  13. har har to all of you. thanks for a good night again. i love these things. not often i get a chance to pull other peoples bikes apart.

    nice to meet you paul, always good to have new people around. your bike is next :twisted:

    brij. please dont charge me. ill pay you not to :D :p

    as for my attire. i should start sending you my dry cleaning bills hahaa.