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[Melb] Wed 16/4 Spanner night #7: changing your own tyres

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. DanMellor_Zoe-Tire-change.

    Getting tyres off and back on your rims by yourself is somewhat of a dying art, but it can save you as much as $50 a tyre change - and it opens up the ability to 'chuck on a burnout hoop' or keep a set of super-stickies in the shed just for track use.

    Stewy, Booga and I spent about 2 hours trying to get a rear tyre onto an R6 rim without success - but JohnnyO reckons it's a 10-minute job and it's all down to the tezznique. Bring on this tezznique, we say!

    Hopefully we can also talk about what to look for, both in the feel of the bike, and physically on the tyres, to let you know it's time for a new set.

    Chef's place in Mulgrave (around the corner from Flip and Dave's place) - PM for address.

    Project bike:
    I'm happy to offer my bike for this, because I want to fit some 90-degree tyre valves and I need the hoops off to do that.

    Tools and materials:
    Johnny reckons the best backyard bead breaker around is the sidestand of another bike, so all we really need is something to stand the bike on when one or both wheels are off, plus some tyre irons and rim protectors. We also need a servo close at hand, with one of those nifty digital tyre pressure jiggers that have an "inflate from flat" option.

    Oh, and I'd better bring down a RogerBodge tool to get my front wheel off.

  2. I'll be there :)

    Soon as i have the address that is ;)
  3. :-k I've seen it done at track days... I've seen it done in the shop... looks like a ripper topic, so I think I'd like to see it done and have it explained. :)
  4. Do you plan on balancing the new tyre as well?

    (Not that I'd be able to make it this time just curious if people changing tyres at home bother with balancing them or not).
  5. I'll be there! Excellent topic :)
  6. Not sure about balancing, I'll talk to Johnny when I get a chance.
  7. Balancing is easy, balance the wheel between 2 20ltr drums,
    Johnny knows how to do it :)
  8. Oh balls. Johnny can't make it.

    Anybody else know how to do this one?
  9. +1 to what Caz says. Balancing 'looks' pretty straight forward as long as you have the weights to do it.

    The last time I had a hoop changed at the shop, the balancing was done manually. In two goes he had it balanced perfectly (as good as you're gunna get it anyway). But I'm guessing that comes with a couple of years experience under the belt.

  10. Not in ten bloody minutes, but I can swear and curse my way through it as good as any of them.

    Mind you, having someone along who's got a bit of experience at this, would be handy to have. Could cut down on some of the swearing. :grin:

  11. i reckon he got word we were going to put the stop watch on him :LOL:

    yeah i know how to change a tyre...anyone got a spare 2 days, and a tyre and rim they DON'T want.....

    Shame, was really looking forward to seeing how this was done... what about the good sir roarin? I believe from a few conversations with him, that he seems to think it's just a matter of throwing them on too :?
  12. My bike and it's rear wheel are not 'as one' at the moment, so i was spewing I couldn't make this. I was hangin to see a tyre changed in 10 mins! I say postpone it until Johnny O is available!
  13. I'm in.
    Pls pm me the addy?
    Haven't seen the scheffy for a while, too. :p

  14. Grunge-man! How you going bud? It's been a looong time between drinks.
    Looking forward to catching up, I hope you bring the green rocket around so i can have a look.
  15. Want to try and get there. I presume we're still going to give it a go with Johnny O?

    PM sent for address, Chef.

    Cheers, Guy.
  16. This should be interesting!!

    Could the address be PM'ed to me??

  17. If it wasn't in the middle of the week & so bl00dy far away, I would have come & shown you how to change tyres with my bare hands & a piece of string. No idea what we would use the string for but. hehehe
    I personally never worry about balancing tyres myself. As long as the rim is fairly true I can't really feel any out of balance until you get well over the open road speed limit. Which is something that I very very rarely do so is not really an issue for me :) :) Which is why I think the last bike shop that fitted tyres for me looked at me strangely when I complained about a vibration in the front wheel on my 400 learner bike. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Especially when they asked at what speed it was occuring :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I've got a couple of others coming who haven't posted here. I've also cleaned the shed :grin:

    should be a good night.
  19. Can someone let me know the address ... I know it's a bit late, but Loz hasn't replied to my PM yet ...
    Help me ...
  20. Can you PM me the address too, I might be able to turn up to this one since it's close to home.