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MELB - Weather tomorrow - the commute is going to be a hoot.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mithel, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. If you thought the 80K gusts and rain were fun yesterday just wait till tomorrow.
    Forecast for Wednesday
    Showers with local hail and thunder. Possible snow on the nearby hills. Cold and mostly cloudy with a squally southwest to southerly wind. :shock:

    Well this will test the skills a bit, actually looking forward to the challenge.
    Stay safe guys.
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    Re: MELB - Weather tomorrow - the commute is going to be a h

    I'm sure you're all Apdr8Hgx2lw[/media]]talented enough. Just don't be too close to a car when a gust of wind throws you around.
  3. Can't afford to get wet tomorrow .. big day.. I will be give it a miss... cage in!!!! :LOL:
  4. Re: MELB - Weather tomorrow - the commute is going to be a h

    my mate was out kiteboarding in that when a 35ish knot gust hit, most amusing :grin: i was all set up ready to go on the beach but decided to give it a miss. probably for the best.

    damn this weather it's just not natural. :?
  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! Just this afternoon I posted about tips for windy weather, and then the weather does this?

    Curse you mother nature, curse you :evil:
  6. Re: MELB - Weather tomorrow - the commute is going to be a h

    True, I was thinking to myself this is the most windy Oct/Nov I have ever seen. I used to do a lot of pushy riding, so I do keep an eye on these things.
  7. Eventually we're going to have a white christmas.. this weather is Bulls*it
  8. Just so long as it improves a bit for Thursday as I'm driving to Warrnambool and then back via Deans Marsh & Geelong stopping to make test calls along the way.

    I've also got to check a few possible future sites along the way as well which means getting out of the car with compass, GPS & measuring tape in hand and walking around paddocks which aint much fun in blinding rain or cyclonic winds talking from experience :roll:
  9. If today was anything to go by with the wind it should be a pain in the arse.

    I ride to work. On my pushy lol.

    It really does suck when ur in your lowest gear peddling ur butt off when ur going down a massive hill. It aint fun

    If u get a tailwind.. WOO HOO and 60 k's on flat is easy

  10. Winds, rain and G20... just what I need.
  11. hmm at least you guys dont have to sail to sydney!
  12. Its gonna be even better in Ballarat then...
    Still glad i sold my car and bought a bike.
  13. This is Melbourne folks, we probably have hail and snow in the morning followed in the afternoon by a heat wave!
  14. As the old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in Melbourne, wait five minutes"!
  15. Well, I made it in one piece, it was actually sunny by the time I got here (6:50am)
  16. I had DriRiders, fog mask, clear visor etc etc. Turns out the worst I had to face was the glare, I would have been better off just in my summer kit. The wind this morning was certainly no worse that any other day on the bike lately. Maybe they got this one wrong?
  17. Judging by the storm front we just had go through here, I can definitely see what they're saying. :shock:
  18. Hey....tell me about this! I'd kill to be on a yacht in Bass Strait at the moment! :( ;) :LOL: Or perhaps not. :LOL: Just looking out at the Kilcunda coastline yesterday was enough to have me gobsmacked. Never seen it so rough.
  19. It was hailing when I left home this morning!
  20. :shock: :shock:

    Looking forward to riding home.....