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[Melb] Walhalla Ride, Fri 30th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Urban, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. The wheather man is promising fine and 20 degrees for friday so I think a trip to Walhalla is in order.

    If anyone else can feel the flu coming on they can meet me at the Safeway carpark cnr of Burwood Hwy and Lysterfield rd, Ferntree Gully (just near BTX and Jeffrey Honda) between 9.00-9.15, I'll be leaving at 9.30am sharp.

    Cockatoo, Yarra Junction, Noojee then Walhalla for lunch and reverse route for return.

    Click HERE for a map.

    I don't plan on setting any land speed records but I won't be stopping for a coffee every 50kms either, so if your comfortable riding for 100kms or so without a break and don't mind the odd corner please come along.

  2. Arrgh, ya utter utter bastard Urban, I wanna go, but I already took sick *cough* leave on koma's memorable GOR ride. :(
  3. Damn. Don't you people have jobs? :)
  4. Urban, Count me in for this one! What's the skill level for this ride? wont be harder than the GOR?


  5. Yes! I dont. But I really like to have one, try hard to find one, its really hard! :( :?
  6. They sell a mean hamburger at the Walhalla pub by the river... :D

    There is also a Cowboy ranch type pub, right beside the caravan park, tucked away in Rawson. They have a very challenging game of trying to swing a metal ring on a rope to catch on a hook on the wall.
    Ooh, I should add there is 150m of smooth and rideable dirt road to this one. Managed to get 15 Dukes in there.
    Yiiiiiihaaaa.... :D :D :D
  7. I'd rate it about the same Vivian, Doubt I'll be going any quicker either.

  8. Then depends how many people will go for this ride, if only 2 of us, I think you will feel bored because I will be far behind you. :p

  9. I'm working Friday, but I might see if I can knock off at Lunchtime, and grab a coupla mates and head up there for lunch. Will depend on work load, though...
  10. Ok Urban I will join you for this one, will add to the one I did yesterday with Black Betty and a couple of other people.
    Oh yeah I am not working at the moment either.:):):):):)
  11. OK looks like we've got a few starters,

    I won't be near a computer again until tomorrow, so l'll see you at safeway in the morning.