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(MELB) VTR250's for sale - Buy 1 or 2!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ceska, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. For sale (& updated pricing!!) are our well loved VTR250's bought NEW from Peter Stevens Melb & registered until Aug 2010. **One has a 2007 compliance stamp & the other 2006, yet both bikes r EXACATLY. All servicing by Metro Honda/Peter Stevens & books available.

    VTR's are a HUGE amount of enjoyment, and @ 143kgs very light & nimble. The reliability, responsivness & fun that the 250cc Vtwin engines are 2nd to none! These bikes are so cheap to run too @ approx $12-$15 for 280-320kms to a tank (dependant entirely on how u ride!)

    #1 2007 COLOUR: RED, ODO: 15,600KMS
    EXTRAS: Oxford Heated Grips. Slightly lowered to suit my short legs, so very suitable to the vertically challenged!
    PRICE: $6,690.00

    #2 2006 COLOUR: BLUE, ODO: 12,500KMS
    EXTRAS: Ventura Rack & Rjays Top Box (it huge!)
    PRICE: $6,690.00

    Want both? $13,000.00

    If ur seriously interested pls email francesozturk@hotmail.com - I can send pics :)

  2. Damn the lottery losing my winning ticket :---) a pair of VTR250s would have been perfect for our two teenagers.

    Best of luck with your sale.
  3. Whats the next bike Frances?
  4. ooooooohhhhhhh it's very very nice! Congrats again ozzy!
  5. Rod - street triple r

    Still haven't spent any time with her! getting her lowered, armor put on, rwc done, etc etc. I'll b out in mid Nov when i''m legal - I know i'm insured but i cannot b bothered with any fines b4hand should i get picked up

    Envy - who r u outside of ur alias?
  6. I've ridden the red VTR250, and I can vouch for the fact that it runs very nicely indeed.

    (And I'm looking forward to taking our St3Rs out for a ride when the day comes Fran!)
  7. Thx Zen, yes it is a beauty to ride!! I look forward to watching ur St3r so I know what mine looks like :grin:

    FYI EVERYONE - If I come across as annoyed or suspiscious pls be aware that we've had a stack of bogas enquiries for our bikes. We're both pretty pissed that this has happened, but I suppose everyone needs to do something even if its destructive rather than constructive!
  8. I share your pain... all my enquiries by email from other non-netrider ads have been a scam email of some sort or another! I even got a msg from one of the bike shops [apparently] offering to sell my bike for free!
  9. Devion, if hubby or I get another bloody txt from that Ray's mob 2 sell on our behalf I'm going 2 go down & clobber them! Seriously, why would we list them on BP if we didnt' want 2 sell them ourselves!

    This paying $50 to list ur bike 4 sale is a scam... well so far that's my opinion, not one quality lead (only NR site seems 2 hav serious buyers!)

    Good luck selling urs (if not already sold :) )
  10. lol, yeah Ray Quinceys was SMS'ing me every second day when my bike was for sale.

    I eventually called them (twice!) and told them to stop, they did offer a pretty attractive price (for a dealer, sight unseen) though.
  11. What is going on?? 2x very good quality, well looked after VTR250's & no takers??

    Price Revised Again - $6200 each & negotiable

    These must sell ASAP as we need a driveway very badly! C'mon guys, i'm sure our community is big enuf to hav this sorted out quickly!
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