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[MELB] vOOdsys lil big adventure into (NSW)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by vOOdsy, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Hey folks going on my trip into NSW starting this Sat, via Corryong, Jindabyne, Tathra, Bombala, CAnn River, etc etc.

    Should take me 3-4 days. Anyone wanting to meet ride with me or even part of the journey are most welcome.

    Wish me luck and good weather :D

  2. wish it was in November coz I'm planning heading that way then, in fact, to the Gold Coast.

    stay safe
  3. *sigh* im laying some groundwork with the boss to have some extra days off for occasions like this... not this time though.... sounds like a blast - have fun!

    (edit) yeah I have a run like this planned for Nov or Dec as well, come to think of it - it'll feature a run over Mt Hotham as well
  4. How far up are you coming, mate?
  5. Won't be going up towards Sydney unfortunately. Will probably head as afar as Canberra then back down to Bega :)
  6. OK, catchya at the Netrider Dinner, then!
  7. wheee..just got back from my lil tour. All I can say that it was AWESOME!!..perfect riding conditions, absolutely clear blue skies.

    Day 1 - 530km
    Alexandra to Whitfield, then onto Corryong stopping at Albury.
    Nice run...hardly any traffic, which I had a bigger bike to make those boring streches fly by. Albury is a nice place, a bit like Geelong. Hard to navigate for a first timer tho. Stayed at the Courthouse Hotel, $40 with basic breakfast. Pretty good deal I say.

    Day 2 - 800km
    Corryong to Jindabyne via Thredbo. Unlike my last trip this was a perfect run with sunshine all the way6. There was some views of the snow at PErisher. My DriRider Nordic4 did its job. Somehow, lost a rear pillion footpeg along here :cry:
    Once at Jindabyne, took a detour to ride all the way up to Perisher. Still a fair bit of snow this time of the year and people were still skiing/boarding. Surreal experience. Coffee at Jindabyne got the heart rate pumping again.

    Then onto Canberra to Batemans Bay.
    Rode around parliament house, nothing special just a building with a glorified flagpole. Nice lawns tho. The last 30-40km before BB was truly awesome, long sweepers and some nice tight corners chucked in between. Definately a must ride road next time I'm up here.

    Spent the night in Bega.
    Nothing special, just like any other country town.

    Day 3 - 670km
    Bega to Bombala. Nice early start for me (6am), and I was off carving my way to Wydham to arrive at Bombala for yet another refuel. Now, from Bombala to Delegate the Spada was handling the corners with ease. Absolutely no traffie here at all!!

    Delegate to Orbost via Bonang. This has truly got to be one of the hidden gems of a road. Very tight twisties and the roads were dry,. No wet patches, although there were some gravel patches which caused a few brown pants moments. Had the Spada in 4th gear all the way. A couple of dirt sections which is always fun. Nect time I'm here I might have to invest in an endura-esque type bike to check the trails around this national park.

    Orbost to Melbourne, what can i say, boring as bat shit. After going through all these twisities, someone needs to dump a huge chunk of dirt and carve some twisties here, especially between Bairnsdale and Sale. The strong crosswinds made it interesting riding along the highway. You know the wind is strong when u have to lean left to turn right. Had to pull over a few times, it was that bad.

    Overall, this has to be the best tour i've been on. Only downside was the Spada limited tank range, too many fill ups in between ate into riding time.

    Still trying to crack 1000km in a day, oh well maybe next time :twisted:
  8. good to c u had a safe ride mate,when r u posting pics of ur achievments???
  9. i keep reading the title and thinking "nws? why not work safe?"

    WS or not, it sounds like a good trip :p
  10. lol..too pov to buy a digicam.

    i can post some really NWS stuff if you really want :twisted: