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[Melb - VIC] Pet snake owners click here

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. I've noticed some field mice in the back yard. I've set up a humane trap to capture them alive. I haven't caught anything yet... BUT, I think I could probably capture and freeze* a few in the next few weeks I reckon.

    Anyone interested in some field mice - free.

    * I'm assuming freezing would be a humane way to kill and store them??
  2. How would you like to be frozen to death?
    They are fed to snakes well and truly alive Rob.
  3. Speak to swiss !

    He is has a python or two ! :eek:
  4. Are they fed to snakes alive? I thought that mice were thawed out. Years ago, a friend who had snakes said alive was best, but thawed out is standard, and pulled out a mouse from a freezer bag to thaw out.

    2WA, I wouldn't enjoy freezing to death, but it's like going to sleep by all reports and its a very quick event for a small thermal mass like a mouse.

    Hey, it's gotta be better than a mouse trap (broken bones, starving or suffocating to death) or ratsack which leads to internal haemorrage or drowning (which incidentally, the humane trap recommends!).

    Anyway, the offer is out there. :)
  5. Being in NSW, he might not want the mice, but no doubt he'd be an interesting person to chat to on the topic. :)
  6. Fair call. Good points Rob :oops:
  7. He sure is !!! ;)

    When he starts saying crikey and making fang symbols with his hands like a cobra . . . you know you've been talking for a while !!! hahaha
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  9. Some snakes will eat thawed mics, and some are fussy b!tches and will only eat em if they are still wriggling. My cousing had one in each catagory when he had pet snakes.
  10. And especially if the snake is younger, frozen is better as there is less chance of the snake being injured from teeth and claws.
    Industry standard is to either
    Gas them or freeze them. maybe the old hessian bag on a car exhaust followed by freezing for preservation
  11. Please explain your contraption !

    Does it involve a box and a ruler ?
  12. As a non-lethal trap, a plastic 2l juice bottle propped up at 45 degrees and with a bit of dried dog food in the bottom works a treat.

    They are, however limited to about 10 mice at a time. More than that and late arrivals can climb back out :grin: .
  13. Bunning special, ~$15.

    Has a tilted, one way trap door entrance. The door is lifted, then falls down once the mouse enters. They are trapped. It's a kind of loosely based on a yabbie/lobster cage with the you can get it, but not get out. It's about 2l milk bottle area/sized in the comparment section - so could probably handle a few mieces.

    ...Micky after many many years of rooting for Wile E Coyote, I learned that the box, string and stick method just doesn't work mate! :LOL:

    RS101, gas and freeze... well... if I really must save my Karma points, I'll think about it!

    BB thanks for those links :)
  14. I heard one method a few years ago involving a half full bucket of water. I can't remember how you bait it though.
  15. Get a cat :LOL:.

  16. From: http://asktrapperjohn.com/topics/bucketmouse.htm


    To build the mouse trap, you will need the following things:
    1 wire coat hanger.
    1 can of tomato soup.
    Some fine wire to hold the bait (raw bacon)
    A three foot board, 2" or 3" wide (ramp)
    A five gallon plastic bucket.
    Two gallons of soapy water. ( in the winter use car window washer solution )

    To make the trap, drill a 1/8" hole in the center of the top and bottom of the tomato soup can. Put the can in some hot water to get the soup out through the holes. Put the wire hanger through the can and bend the ends so the can will hang three or four inches down in the bucket. Wrap the bacon around the can and hold in place with the wire. Put water in the bucket and set up the ramp.

    The mice will run up the ramp, see the bacon and jump on the can, the can will spin over and drop the mouse in the water. Try it, it works great!

    If the trap is to set for any length of time you can keep the smell down by pouring a cup of cooking oil on top of the water in the bucket when you set the trap out.

    :-k That's flamin simple and brilliant. :)
  17. Yeah, but then you've nothing to feed to the snake apart from the purple blobby bit :grin: .

    Either that or you have to shift the fridge 'cos a mortally wounded mouse crawled under it and is now developing a "personality" out of all proportion to its size.

    These days I've got four cats, that live indoors and ought to be itching for a bit of savage entertainment, but I still get mouse crap under the toaster. The dog catches more mice than they do.
  18. The poor little mice :nopity: