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[Melb] Very special deal for learners ready to get license

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. As per the Netrider homepage...

    Ridetek, a Netrider partner, has a very special deal for Victorian Netrider members - a discount of $50 on there full day license course! The normal price is $230 but for Netrider members only, all license courses booked and completed in June and July are just $180 (a saving of over 20%). All you need is your current learners permit (after holding it for 3 months) and a passport photo. Bikes are provided (or bring your own if you prefer) and the course includes day long training, the test, and your license. But you had better hurry and book quickly, as this offer is stricly limited to course availability. Visit http://www.ridetek.com.au/index.htm or call them on (03)9701 7304 or 0414 331 037

    As per above, Ridetek is also a Netrider partner and in addition to this very special deal they offer a standard ongoing special to all Netrider members of a 10% discount on any rider training course.

    Netrider greatly thanks Ridetek for their ongoing suport to Netrider members, as well as this special deal to especially help our learners. For all you learners out there that are ready to get your license, you'd be a mug to miss out on this special :)
  2. Well looks like perfect timing for me! Got my Ls March2nd and will go for them ASAP.

    Has anyone used these guys before or at least know what they are like? Just making sure before I sign up :D
  3. Talk to VTRSteve, I think that he used them for the L's course. He's going back to them in a couple of weeks time from memory.
    I come up to three months on 30th April, so it might be good for me too...:)
  4. Well, I am booked in for my licence shortly, I did my L's at MTA, but because Tones (Instructor at RideTek) who has been on a couple of rides with us netrider guys and gals I have decided to use them for the licence.

    They are great guys there from what I can tell and happy to discuss an pro's and con's you might have, also booked my wife and daughter in for the L's course and test with the 10% discount.

    Keep in mind these guys are bigger than MTA and thier retention rate for learners going for licence is the highest of any tester.
  5. Thanks for the info vtrsteve, much appreciated :)
  6. It's worth mentioning that for any licence course, if you want to bring your own bike it must have a current roadworthy certificate

    Easier to just use the ones at the testing centre. The standard course before the test gives you enough time to familiarise yourself with whatever you use for the test.
  7. Agreed and at MTA they use Honda Night Hawk's don't know what Ridetek use! Sounds like a good deal, why do they always come up at wrong time for me? 1 month down & 11 to go!
  8. you'll find mta use the vtr250 not he cb.
  9. I was out at MTA last weekend for some private lessons with my fiancee's dad, and they use CB's

    They had 3 honda scooters, and a honda dirtbike.
  10. MTA use to have VTR250's about 3 years ago, and as FZR600 said, they now use the CB's
  11. Any special deals to GET learners coming up?
  12. Hi Michael here from MTA , we use CB 250 road bikes , SL 230 trail bikes and Dio scooters . we also have a CT110 .

    cheers Michael
  13. D'oh, shame it's on weekdays in July. Wanted to do my licence earlier than that. Guess if I'll have to get only the normal 10% Netrider discount at MTA...:LOL:...
  14. Sorry but I think this post is a bit unethical under the circumstances, if they want to have a special maybe they should talk to Jason instead of placing an advert in the Ridetek special offer.
  15. really? they actually expect you to up and get an RWC just to do the test thing? when i did mine at motorcycle motion, i used my own bike and they just had a quick look over it to make sure it was safe. i mean if you rock up on a bike thats running metal to metal for brakes, has cracked flat and bald tyres and is spewing oil and smoke everywhere then i can understand being knocked back, but mostly all these bikes were bought just a few months ago and couldn't be that far off in that time.

    seems a bit overfussy to me. personally, i thought it was much better to use my own bike, just much more relaxed on something i'd already crunched up a few thousand kays on.
  16. I understand that it is a recent thing. Might seem overly fussy but if something went wrong on the course grounds and the bike involved was found to be technically unroadworthy... well you get the picture!

  17. Completely understandable thought vtrsteve under the circumstances , we have already talked to Vic concerning this offer . I have removed it because you find it offensive.We have also discussed with Vic the idea that Netrider can promote themselves through us banners etc for free. I am not trying to steal anyones thunder . Just tryiong to promote training .
    I don't believe that this would in any way take riders away from Ridetek as they have their own client base .

    Cheers michael
  18. Michael, sorry to correct you but I didn't find the post offensive at all. I know you have good intentions but a different approch to your offer in more business like. I am sure if you had a deal going with someone that you wouldn't like your competitor advertising in the same area as your special offer.

    Consider the meaning of ethical.' Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession.' If you think your action was ethical I would leave it there, I will let you be the judge of that.

    I have personally used you guys before and feel you offer great service, just didn't expect to see what I saw.
  19. No problems , I believed you to be offended , as such you weren't . On the subject of ethics , yes again I see what you are saying .As I said it was discussed with Vic and as such I believe(d) that this forum was acceptable for training offers. Your view ,that this as an inappropriate place to place an add is an opinion I respect ,and therefore I've withdrawn it.
    thanks for the compliment on our services . I'll hopefully catch up with you guys on a coffee night or a ride soon.

    cheers Michael
  20. Michael, my apoligies for not saying, well done for removing the information.:applause: My main reason for saying something is that all netriders benefit from these specials and would hate too see them remove thier support, look forward too seeing what you have too offer for the netriders.

    PS I will buy you a coffee when we catch up....\:D/